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I am going to build a Tiki 26 and trying to source the wood.

In the study guide it says 6mm ply WBP exterior, OR Marine ply.

I wrote to Wharram, and they say only use marine ply.

At 52 pound a piece from the uk (I am in Denmark)


I think its really pushing my budget too far, 25 ound would be ok..

Whats your experience?

Can I use a good WBP thats well tested (I plan to boil it of course)

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Marine ply is generally built to a higher grade, thus will last longer, all things being equal. Look for more plies per dimension: that will be the better sheet, all things being equal again. They all need to be encapsulated with epoxy/glass, no matter what.

We agree with Jacques.  Ann and Nev

I would also look into already sheathed Coosa might be quite expensive but could save you a lot of work and epoxy cost and most importantly there a no future worries about rot if there is a scratch or dent, I used it now for quite some additions on the boat. you find more info at www.vonderlinden.de


you guys are great!

Thankyou for the fast and helpful feedback,

Looks like its not if now, but what type and where I get it :)


can you send me a link? my german isnt so good :)

I have had good success with maranti marine grade ply. Make sure it is stamped 1088

I would not recommend Meranti, it is very brittle

@Philip, pls see link above, otherwise try to search for Coosa composites (http://www.coosacomposites.com) , BTW Boatsmith was using the stuff also for his Ariki build

Hi Björn, 

I just took a look using google translate :)

Any idea of 6mm prices per sheet?

try to contact a manufacturer. you can negociate and obtain a good price. For example y obtain 50% on public price. Y have marine plywood for the price of interior plywood , and with garantee of loyds. Good luck

expensive, I would recommend to talk to vonderlinden and I would also suggest contacting Hanneke about it (although they might be reluctant of using something so modern)

We use a lot of Coosa board. I would not use Coosa for hull planking. No real reason it just doesn't seem right. I really like working in Okoume plywood. Good Douglass fir is my next choice but is harder to work with and finish. 

Thanks so much for your advice guys, I will stick to play with plywood

I have worked with duflex before,
But I think something like that, a composite… Is just too expensive for such a project, and maybe even overkill, fair enough if I was sailing around the horn quite often

I will contact the manufacturers and try get a bulk discount, I have considered contacting Robbins in the UK as well to see if they do a bulk deal.

A big DON"T.  It's OK to put  a layer of Light glass cloth on the outside. But don't use polyester resin to bond the cloth.   Use only a good quality thin Epoxy.    If you do use polyester you will live to regret it.

Don't ask how I know. :(

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