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I wish to order dacron cruising sails for my Tiki 21. I follow Wharram's design.
There is an offseason discount and it's almost time anyway.
My question is about the weight I should ask for and if jib and main made of the same weight?
I plan to use Dyneema for the rig. I believe shackles should be done in the same materil?
Thanks for your help and advices,

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The sailmaker will know the proper cloth weight to use for all sails, which is part of the job. For a Tiki 21, the proper weight will be in the 5-6 oz range under most circumstances.

When you sail at coastal regions I will prefer 6oz.

Hi Eric,

The mainsail on Little Cat is 6oz Rolly Tasker, and the jib is 5oz. The mainsail gets such a beating that I haven't regretted ordering the heavier cloth. 5oz would be better for initial shape and ease of handing, but not so good for wear and tear. The jib is better in 5oz because it has a much easier life IMHO.


PS On the other hand I guess it depends how often the sails will be used. If you are sailing every week then the thicker dacron might be better as the sail will last longer with heavy use. But if the boat is sailed less frequently, then the 5oz would have better shape and easier handing.

Hi Roger,

Its not important how often the sail is used. Important are the conditions you use the sails. If you want to sail at a windforce from 5-6 beaufort you need a heavier sailcloth. But when you only sail at nice weather you could use a lighter one.Important is also enough possibilaty to reduce the sailarea. I recommend 2-3 reefs for the main and one for the jib.I´ve also a smaler Jib  with one reef.



Thanks to all of you.

I understand that information is given in American ounces per square yard.

Budget boater, I prefer to deal with a local sailmaker, who has already made sails for my friend's Tiki 30, and quite nicely.

Roger, I was also thinking that the jib may be lighter than the main, thank you for your confirmation. I will certainly follow this advice.

Jan, 3 reefs in the main seems a lot, I was thinking about 2 reefs on the main and one on the jib. You used the third reef already? Sail must be very small, like a storm sail...

Thank you again,


Hi Eric,

Yes I used the third reef with a smal jib in stormy conditions.Its a good balanced sailing for rough weather.

I find it a good choice to order your sail at a local sailmaker. He is the person you must trust if you have trouble with your sails. Tell him about your boat and your way of sailing (fast with performance or easy and save) and he will create the right sail for your boat.

Much fun


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