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Hi all,

In the latest issue of Multihulls World there is a mention of a new Wharram design called Mana 24. They refer to wharram.com for more information, but I can't find any info.


Anyone else have more information?



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There is a recent podcast interview with James and Hanneke in which they mention that they are working on a design and building a prototype for a 24' trailerable boat. Thesailingpodcast.com episode #45.

This sounds familiar, Dan (Kunz), do you want to chime in?

He doesn't post on here :( How's life Omar? Miss ya man!

Is this a sketch of the Mana 24? I've found nothing about it in the Wharram page.

Yes, I should have said that this is the sketch published by Multihulls World downloaded from their website. It looks really great I think, possibly most exciting new Wharram since the Tiki 38 changed the face of their designs 20 years ago!

Thanks Martin. It seems to be very interesting.

Anyone know anything more?  Still nothing on the Wharram site that I can find.

Mana 24 Sail Plan

The new design is now on the Wharram website!!

The Mana 24 seems like a very nice boat! It will be interesting to see how it sails and tacks. 


Why the small sail?

As far as I know, small mizzen sail at the back is efficient for balance, more than for power. (It is not true for a ketch rig, where the sail is bigger) A very famous example is the yawl Sea Bird.  However, my concern here is the lack of head sails, since they are quite useful when it is time to tack. But I've seen here (http://wharrambuilders.ning.com/forum/topics/tiki-21-junk-rig-leeway) a Tiki 21 with a "Vietnamese junk rig", no jib either... Let's see the sea trials!

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