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Has anyone used FRP cross beams instead of fabricating their own. I have a good supplier of 6"x6"x20' pultruded beams. Seems like it save a lot of labor if strength is equal. Any thoughts?

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It would depend on a lot of factors. Without knowing any specifics, it would be hard for anyone to make an informed decision.

tell us about these tubes


Here is a link to the type of product I am thinking about. There are several manufactures in the us. The 6x6 beams come 20'long and are 3/8" thick. Any thoughts?

I would be concerned that fibre orientation may not have enough  reinforcement across or diagonal to the beam axis. At points where there is compression --lashing points -- the laminate could then crack along the beam.                                    Possibly some sort of insert, like mini bulkheads, could remedy such a problem, but achieving this is not so easy.

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