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Dex Takes Delivery Of His New Fiberglass Wharram Ariki Catamaran

 Here is a link to a utube of the delivery http://youtu.be/WxGgt0Doh_0

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Looks fantastic! Perseverance furthers again.

Looks good, David!  Congratulations on your dream come true and also Dex's.  We hope we will be able to see that boat on the water when we come down that way in the autumn, but she may be in the Pacific by then! 

Ahoy Boatsmith,

     Brilliant!  Beautiful!

Another instance of the sum of the parts being greater than the whole.  And if you think the pictures are nice you should come and see the real thing.  Very impressive!


Thanks all. We are very pleased with the boat. We have started the next boat for Bert and number three for Brad.Fun times!!

Wow looks great.  I wish I could montage my boat together like that!

a fibreglass wharram...?? how heavy is it compare the a ply version...

 is it with foam core ???? or solid glass...?

We weighed the hull with the decks and house, bulkheads, floors, bunks, hatches, companionways, with the beam blocks and lashing strakes/rubrails.... 3200 lbs    The hulls are built of 5/8" Divinycell foam with a layer of 1708 and 1808 glass inside and out. 

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