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Hello all
If you have 5 minutes and really wanted, I suggest you add your sailboat has maps if the list below. I found it nice to have a vision of all those boats in the world.
This list is open and the link is in my blog
Hello to you from Geneva


Bonjour à tous

Si vous avez 5 minutes et surtout envie, je vous propose d'ajouter votre voilier a la liste maps si dessous. Je trouvais sympathique d'avoir une vision de tous ces bateaux dans le monde.

Cette liste est ouverte et le lien est dans mon blog

Salut à vous de Genève



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Merci pour l'info, remarque ça m'a permis de naviguer dans un coin que je connais très bien pour avoir fait toutes ces iles durant quelques saisons. Kaahua a repris la mer pour rejoindre son chantier.

Hello all I added in the map of boats for sale with a small logo. the map is open to all do not hesitate to use it. Hi all of Geneva or the weather is nice. olive

Bonjour a tous
J'ai ajouté dans la carte des bateaux a vendre avec un petit logo.
la carte est ouverte à tous n’hésitez pas a l'utiliser.
Salut a tous de Genève ou il fait beau.

Roux - I am giving your post a bump as it is a wonderful idea and many of our new members will not know about it. So come on all you sailors down by Cape Horn get on the map and all others too...

It would be great if this map was available all the time perhaps you might post it as a new Group ?

I am in Palatka Fl and know of 3 Wharrams here.  A pahi 26 apart and in storage, a Beautiful T26 sitting on a trailer and my own Mk1 Tangaroa anchored in the river, all downtown Palatka.    I could not figure out how to add them to the map.   If you can please do or advise how to go about it.   Thanks Bill Ludeman

Hello all
Here is a small tutorial that I hope clear because I do not speak English




Roux - great to hear from you. I see your PDF, the programme displays differently on my pc. It takes a little experimenting / guessing to follow the steps. We seem to have overlapped here I had just taken the liberty of adding Bill's boat for him !

Two things to check - were you logged in on W+f.before opening map ? Is the email address you use for W+f. your default email address ? I think this caused problems for me.

Again Thank You Roux. I love this idea.

Thanks for adding my info to the map.   I sure hope this grows, lots of Wharrams not on there yet.    Great way to help find each other.   Bill

This is a great idea! Unfortunatly I have problems adding my Tiki 21 to the map. It looks different on my computer than the .pdf. Can someone help me add my boat? I live in the southern part of Sweden just north of the city of Malmö (i tiny little village called Bjärred).




Happy to help. Looks to me also as if it should be possible to add a photo on the Info. page that opens when you click on the placemarker. More experiments when I have time !!

Thank you for your help! Scandinavia looked a little deserted without any Wharrams on the map (there are more in reality though).



Galway Bay said:

Happy to help. Looks to me also as if it should be possible to add a photo on the Info. page that opens when you click on the placemarker. More experiments when I have time !!

Hi - I've added Godzilla to the map, so one more in the Baltic!

greetings, Andy

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