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I just got an email from Hanneke saying that "Ruth Wharram has passed away Sept 4 at theage of 92 at home in Devoran.  Her health had been failing over the last two years after a stroke the day after a fantastic 90th Birthday party."

Hanneke goes on to say that Ruth met James  in 1951 and Hanneke met Ruth in 1967 and shared her life with James and Ruth since 1973.

Ruth was a great navigator, sailor, and supported James in his designs and worked the office at James Wharram Designs for many years.  She was great at helping builders like Nev and I  when we ran into difficulties beyond the mere technical aspects of construction.  Her warm support in person and over the phone were a major assist to Nev and I during the years of our build on Peace IV when the entire design team often came for a visit, phoned, or wrote many, many kind emails.

We have often said how much Nev and I adore Ruth.  Her passing will never change that because love continues on and on. 

Ann and Nev

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I just was reading  yesterday night in Sea people the nice article Ruth whrote about the death of her friend Thomas Firth Jones, remembering their sailing together with Carol. They will sail now on the big big blue .

A most capable woman.R.I.P.

I have always admired Ruth's behind the scenes strength and support of James and his ideas. To me she was always very noticeable and I appreciate her life and her role in shaping and realizing James's dreams as well as my own! Thank you for your beautiful story Ruth, you will be remembered..
Ruth was a marvellous, talented, enthusiastic and kind person. Anyone I have spoken to over the years, who had met her, was of the same opinion. She was of course a great sailor and an excelled as a navigator, which will be known by anyone who has read her fascinating booklet which is collection of articles, letters and diaries.
She will be sadly missed
Unfortunately I never met the woman, however I truly admired the legend, you will be remembered and missed Ruth.
My condolences to James, Hanneke, and all Ruth's family.


I have not had direct dealings with Ruth, but I have read of her many contributions to the 'sea life' and so my condolences to James, Hanneke and family.

Those closest to us are just a thought away.


the tiki46 "grace" in Madagascar. surround by local sailing boat... thanks for all the great work to Ruth and the Wharram Team...  our condolences to you... hans and isabelle

I met Ruth, they put me up for the night when I went to visit the at their studio in Truro, very kind. Ruth was also replied to my first letter of interest 20 years ago.

Ruth was a strong and kind woman, a great sailor and navigator. May her spirit sail on forever!

My condolences to James, Hanneke, and all Ruth's family.

Rogerio Martin



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