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There used to be a video of Ontong Java 1 on here, but it seems to have disappeared.  It was about 5 minutes long set to 'Southern Cross' by Crosby Stills &Nash.  Does anyone have a copy they could email me please?


There was also talk of a video of the new Ontong Java.  Did this ever materialize?


I'm in China so can't access Vimeo or YouTube hence the email request.




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i posted it long time ago and took it of because of problems with the soundtrack...

as fare as i know is there no video about the new ontong..

 cheers hans

Thanks for the info Hans.  Is it available minus the soundtrack?



Yes Hans, put it back on without the sound, bitte.


Last saturday, there was a nice documentary on Arte tv about treasure hunters in Indian Ocean. At the end, they talked about M. Ernst Klaar. Is it Hans's father ?


i am sailing off to madagascar tomorrow. will be not online for 6-8 weeks.. will see if i can do it later...

 yes, it is hans father....

Thanks Hans, that would be much appreciated.  Fair winds.


Speeking of hans klaar at 11. 40 for those who dont want to wait .
" did you know that it was illegal ? "
" yes , but nobody was there"
Sorry ernst not hans ...

laurent said:
Speeking of hans klaar at 11. 40 for those who dont want to wait .
" did you know that it was illegal ? "
" yes , but nobody was there"

Salut Laurent,

J'ai suffisamment mauvais esprit pour avoir bien aimé Ernst et avoir détesté le directeur de DRASSM.

On ne se refait pas ... 

Merci Marc, d' avoir mis le lien. J'étais attiré par le titre de l'émission. mais sorti ce soir là, je pense que j'aurai oublié de regarder le pot cast. j' ai un ami qui avait été rapproché par l'organisateur du premier groupe de francais classé "pilleur" et poursuivi , il m'en avait parlé , il fallait avancer une grosse somme, c'était tantant , le gout de l'aventure ...
Quelle famille ces Klarr " C'était ma banque" ha! ha! génial . Difficile de juger , il n'a pas l'air d'un mauvais bougre et surement plus sympa que le fonctionaire frustré et coincé .

Link to blog and video of new owners of Ontong Java in NZ. Now called Marevas.



I was happy to read about your successful voyage to the Indian Ocean.  Just wondering if you've had a chance to dig out that video yet?




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