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We cut PVC tubes in half and fillet them onto various places to protect wiring. This works very well. We also now glue PVC stubs onto the hull exterior and the side of the cockpit and connect the stubs with pieces of inner tube and hose clamps. This has worked out very well. It is simple, cheap,flexible and waterproof. Here are some pics to illustrate.

inside  starboard hull

between starboard hull and cockpit side, apiece of motorcycle inner tube

in the battery compartment of the cockpit

PVC stub glassed into side of the cockpit before paint

motor wiring  runs through this conduit

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Those look great, David. I need to run wire soon, and those are good ideas!
beautiful work there mate,i love the iiner tube idea.
you should use smaller pipes or fill the pipes with spare cables to prevent any movement inside.

the greatest danger to boat wiring is vibration, not corrosion. Constant movement in a seaway can quickly break the copper.
For cable runs outside the boat I use the small oval section conduit used for domestic cable runs which I sikaflex inplace. Inside the boat I use the square section conduit with the snap off cover and double sided tape on the back. The cable runs go through a proprietary gland in the hulls. The only problems I have had are when the cable ends have been exposed, copper corrsion goes at inches a secound I reckon!

I've read the previous comments in this thread with interest.

I would like to make electrical connections between the two hulls on my Tiki 21. Please let me know if you have any other good ideas.

I'd like to consider different approaches to going through the hull skins (glands or connectors) and need to think of good ways to route cables that are easy to assemble and disassemble.


These days we use either 1 1/2" or 2 1/2" fire hose. Recently one of the Tiki 8ms we built for the Marriott Resort in Marco Island was hit by lightning while hauled out. We are repairing the damage and saw the original inner tube still in perfect condition and leak free. This is after 5 years of thrice daily service with a 68% usage factor. This is a lot of sailing. Avery good test bed for our boats. I am happy to say that both boats are in excellent shape. This is due in no small part due to the regular love and care of Captain Tom Williams and the other Captains at the Marriott.

We have done this on my "WaveDancer" and up to now there was never any El. problem! 

Hi Boatsmith!  Can you tell us whether that Tiki 8 hit by lightning had an alu. or wood mast? And if it was wood, did it have metal running thru it? I have walked along the beach there recently, and did not see either...

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