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Today, we have finalized an agreement with one of the largest and most respected sail lofts in the world to make new and replacement sails for Wharram Catamarans, brand labeled for us. We will also be able to offer sails for other boats as well. This respected loft has been contracted in the past to make sails for some of the biggest names in sails, including Hood and Quantum, and is still making sails for some of the most popular brands. The loft makes sails for small one designs all the way up to mega yachts.

Historically, Budget Boater has worked with this loft since 2003 to have the highest quality Wharram Wingsails made for personal projects as well as our professional projects with great success.

From this agreement, we will be able to offer individual sails, full suits, and custom light air sails for any Wharram rig, as well as any other sailboat rig or modified sail plan, and we can ship worldwide.

At this time, all pricing will be in US Dollars. However we are working on arrangements to be able to convert foreign currency into US Dollars at rates far below bank exchange and wire transfer rates. But this is still a work in progress, and for now expect to pay in US Dollars.

We expect our pricing to be below average, possibly saving up to 30% over comparable lofts. This lower price is not a reflection of lower quality, but is due to our ability to leverage production and exchange rates. The quality will be the highest available anywhere.

If you are interested getting a quote, please submit your sail plan (high quality PDF works best) and any other requirements, as well as the Ship To address to: Builder(at)BudgetBoater.com

Quote and lead times are dependent upon seasonal factors. Historically, allow three months for orders, but this could be less or more depending on various factors.

NOTE: Anyone who has a sail plan that might want sails in the future should send a copy so that it can be put in the system in advance. This will allow us to rapidly create quotes and start production more quickly for orders. At this time, Tiki 21, Tiki 30, Tiki 38, Tiki 46, Pahi 63, and Narai Ketch are in the system. All other sail plans are requested.

Photos are below in another post

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How many square meters for the cruising spinnaker?

Are the mainsails fitted with downhaul rings at the reefing point?

How is the webbing connected inside the sleeve?

What would be the pricing for cream colour?

Can you tell who is the manufacturer?

The spinnaker is 56.8 sq meters (611 square ft). This is a standard cruising spinnaker designed for a typical Tiki 38. If someone has a pole or bowsprit, a custom cruising spinnaker can be created.

Attached are photos for a new Tiki 38 Gaff Main which should answer all of your questions. Though I will wait for the loft to quote "cream" color. It is the first time anyone has asked. (see next post)

Because of a non-disclosure agreement for the brand labeling, I cannot disclose the loft. But as I stated in the original post, the loft is a world renowned facility that has, and continues to make high end sails for premium sail brands throughout the world. Our sails come with a one year warranty and are of the highest quality.

The sail overview


Tack, sleeve closed

Cunningham ring and foot tension control line and cleat

Clew detail: Clew ring, reinforcement patches, leech control line and cleat


Downhaul ring at reef point on sleeve

Clew at reefing point

Reefing point eye detail

Reefing point at clew with leech control (leech control exists at each reef point)

Sleeve webbing detail; forward buckle, sleeve opened

Sleeve webbing detail; aft buckle and tensioner, sleeve open

Inside of sleeve detail at webbing strap


Gaff sleeve and forward attachments

Gaff Sleeve control line exit point (typical)

Gaff Sleeve - gaff exit at leech


Batten Pocket and detail (typical)

Zipper Detail

All of the preceding photos have been of an actual Budget Boater brand sail.

This is not our first time having these sails made. We have had this loft make us Tiki Wingsails since 2003. It is simply the first time we have offered them to the public.

Tiki 38 sails in "cream" or tanbark, or any other available color would be $6587 plus shipping

Björn said:

What would be the pricing for cream colour?

Something to think about:  Hobie Adventure Island Trimaran replacement sails.

Hobie's price is high and quality low:  $630 for a Dacron sail with so-so needlework: http://shop.mariner-sails.com/Sail-Papaya-Turquoise-White-Hobie-Adv...

Compare the needlework, battens, and sail material to Ezzy's "Tiger" line of windsurfer sails at $620: http://foxwatersports.com/2015_ezzy_tiger

Or, for a more straight-up comparison (roller reefable/vertical battens) check out AeroTech's SUP sail at $544.... yeah, fewer square meters/less material.... but still: https://jet.com/product/detail/1e368ff3ed694f6a803d3e9fee5a07b0?jcm...

The 2015 Adventure Island, with it's 460 mast and stock 6.2m sail virtually cries out for a 7.something replacement sail for that mast.

And I would think that your suppliers could  just do  straight-up replacements with better materials and better needlework at or below Hobie's prices.

Like I said, just something to think about....

With enough production, I am sure that it could be done, but that is not where the skills of the loft lie. Making the highest quality sails for cruising and racing yachts is the primary skill, and the reason I have been using these sails since 2003.

Pete Cresswell said:

And I would think that your suppliers could  just do  straight-up replacements with better materials and better needlework at or below Hobie's prices.

Like I said, just something to think about....


I will order from you when it is time for new sails for my Tiki 38

Sounds great.   As soon as (if!!!) i find  masts for my Tiki 46, I'll check it out.

kia ora, I have a 31 foot pahi and am wanting to change its sails and mast set up. I am considering either a crab claw set up or a wingsail, does any one out there have or know of some one that has a 31 pahi  set up to either of

those sail and rigging systems. Im interested in how they perform,does the mast step position have to change. I have experience with sailing different waka haurua with crab claw sails and all things considered they are steady as she goes but on big waka can be a lot of work for solo sailing. as of yet I havent yet sailed with the wingsail design of  James wharram yet but they are attractive for me as they seem to be easy for one person to sail without to much trouible, but if I am wrong Im open to being informed and corrected.

Mauri ora.


Hi Nephi

 Don't have any experience with a crabclaw but do with the wingsail. We are in Whangateau harbour and have two Wharrams a t30 and a t38 so get in touch sometime if you want to check out the windsail. Its a winner in my mind. 09 4226166 Brett

Because of constant changes in the exchange rates, pricing will be available upon request.

Any sail for any boat can be quoted and built to the highest standards.

Hi, what is the current price for two standard wingsails for Tiki 46, delivered to duty free Langkawi/Malaysia?

Thanks, Helles on FRIENDSHIP

Hi Budget, I have lost the quote I got from you for T38 sails. Can you get me another quote please. I plan on getting the boat to the assembly marina at the end of September. 




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