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In planning out the rigging on my Tiki 21, I'm lacking detail on how to rig the traveller. I'd be interested in how others have arranged the control sheets, blocks and cleats on the aft beam. I'd love to see how Little Cat is set up?

A dingy racing friend is talking about two cheek blocks on the aft beam to bring the control sheets in toward the centre and then each through a cam cleat with a fairlead.

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Your dinghy friend is on the right track...That is how my boat, Vaea, was set up prior to changing to double-mainsheets.

Thanks Kim, I've just seen your video of the double main sheet arrangement. Do you feel this is an improvement over the traveler, and would it work out well on a Tiki 21?

Hi Ian,

My set up is close to standard. You can see it in this blog post. The only difference from most folks is that I use an autoratchet block with cleat for the mainsheet, instead of a swivel cleat. This makes the sheet easier to hold and haul on the wind. It works for me but is more fiddly than a swivel cleat.


Ian, the dbl-mainsheet works well for easing and enhancing mainsail trimming; in my case, it also has the benefit of keeping the center clear for my solar panel installation.
That said, it adds the cost of another mainsheet purchase: more blocks and line, and more splicing. The swiveling dbl-camcleat I cobbled up for the mainsheets was another cost, but makes using the system simple.
Use the Wharram design for a while to see how the boat sails, and then you will be in a better position to think about tweaking the controls. The dbl-mainsheet system can be added later, if you so desire.

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