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Now that I am -almost ready to put the front and back deck on, I would like to know how to take of the copper wire used for stiching the hull. I have tried to take it of with a plier, and I was not strong enough, or the wire broke. How do you proceed to do this?
With thanks,

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If Eric, I haven't built with stitch & tape method so I'm just brainstorming here.

If a screw that was used to hold plywood to stringers & such and one bonds tight & won't come out a soldering iron is put on the screw head for 20-30 seconds and the heat softens the epoxy enough to let screw to be removed. If the epoxy has cured well it can take 60 seconds or so sometimes.

What about using a soldering iron to heat the copper wire close to joint and pulling on other end with pliers?
The copper will conduct the heat along length of wire in joint well. As soon as it softens enough you will know since your pulling at the same time so shouldn't have to worry about getting it too hot.

I'm sure some with experience dealing with this will be along with ideas.

Cheers, Allen

That's why you use COPPER wire. You just clip the wire ends off and leave it inside.

You can also use cable ties, sometimes way easier to tighten
What alan said. Its quick and easy
I've also used a 12volt battery and jumper leads.. instant release

Boatbuilding takes long enough so I advise to just let the bits in. As ricardo said the copper is the point. It will do no harm. We cut the wire with a cutter and then filed the rest down. Files to sharpen ski edges work pretty well but also the beltsander did the job. 

Thank you all for your advices. Will try and decide if I take the time to pull them off or if I leave them in, since copper doesn't harm. Pius, pitty that we don't ski in Guangzhou area! :-) . Actually, I miss it!

J'arrive après la discussion, mais kaahua demande encore des jours de travail. J'ai pour ma part utilisé du fil de cuivre pour assembler mon premier catamaran, et j'ai laissé quelques morceaux. Sans problèmes. Je suis parti du principe que si le fil casse plutôt que de vouloir se retirer, c'est l'équivalent d'une pointe cuivre. Et même mieux étant donné que je n'arrive pas à l'arracher. De plus, j'ai un trous à reboucher! 

Pour kaahua (ma pirogue double de voyage, j'ai utilisé des colliers rillsan ( attache de fils électriques) de mémoire chaque colliers résiste à une traction de 40 kg au niveau de son attache! Donc même principe, et aucun collier n'a pu être retiré au niveau de la quille. Calcul théorique 3 colliers par mètres supporte sans broncher le poids d'un homme. Alors une fois l'ensemble soudé à l'epoxy. ...

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