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We started another Tiki 8m in late Sept. Here are pics of the hulls in construction. We use vinylester resin, biaxial fiberglass and Divinycell foam. This is a layer of Chopped strand mat. It is resin rich and helps to avoid print -thru and water permeability.

Here we have installed the biax and foam and are vacuum bagging the hull half

The bag pulled and ready for the inner skin

Repeat 3 more times and we get to this stage

glass down the keel inside and out

two happy hulls

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Deck mold sprayed with gelcoat

deck with foam and glass being faired


lazzerrette and sail locker floors

bunk top and cabin sole

Impressive stuff !

Looks awesome, David

Beam blanks being laminated from foam

solid fiberglass in-layed in way of the beam end cleats

Beams getting flanges. The beam in the foreground has extra glass and centerline webs inside to spread mast loading.

Beams in fairing.

We modified our deck mold in way of the beam blocks. We replaced the existing beam blocks with round pads of fiberglass. We are using cast nylon for the blocks. The cast nylon glues with epoxy, is self lubricating and very, very strong.

Far from my amateur work. Great job.

I like that nylon setup. No rotting wood

Building the cockpit

Aft net beam chocks and beam lashing cleats

Beam end cleats and fore and aft mooring cleats. note the epoxy over bore on the bolt holes

Here is a view of the electrical conduit stubs. The one on the cock...

Conduit for mast wiring

Cockpit locker drain holes are reinforced to use for lifting lines ...

Interior view of sonar transducer nodule

what does your transducer set up look like on the outside ? (Thanks for the pictures .. excellent)

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