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we love south africa but it is now time to keep going. the desert in Namibia is waiting for us...

On board our Yamaha TW's. We explored the dirt roads of SA and had so much fun that we kicked the dive cmpressor over board and took the bike on board...

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You and Klaar...turning your "yachts" into cargo vessels. Maybe it is just a Hans thing?

hahaha..... not just a hans thing,,,,,, it's a fun a thing too..... this wharrams are great.........

Now without that dive compressor you are going to miss the fun to be had in the water when you get around Cape Agulhas and past Danger point................where the great white sharks gather.

Some memories for me to see the pics of that past abode Knysna, and sailing conditions get a lot easier for you from now on


HI Schelmi, hi Isabelle! Du bist ein verrückter Hund!!!!  Are you visiting Europe? Or passing left right  to Brasil? Let us know. Rishomaru is waiting in Italy to have a cappuccino with wakataitea! Big Hugs Happy new year and Fair Winds! AlexPeterFinn

There are  a lot of crazy people in this world... and the WAKATAITEA- Crew is playing in the topliga of them...
Schelmi and Isabella, I wish you an happy 2015, a good trip and everytime a palm of water below the keels from WAKATAITEA. I hope, we see us soon

we just went around cap aguhlas and cap of good hope with our crago... boat performed quiet well.... i guss wharrams like to be loaded... we are in cap town amrina now and will keep going to namibia in a few days time...

 happy new year to all of you...


passing Knysna heads

Hi Hans & Isabelle

Great photos, Is it the plane of the coastguards who took them?

All our best wishes for this new year 2015.

What is your plan for the next years? When do you think to sail back in the Pacific?

Since one week Grand Pha is on a mooring in Geelong near Melbourne in Australia. In fact it seems the procedure to land the Australia aboard a wooden boat is not so hard than before. We've been very well welcomed by the Customs and by the inspector of the agriculture and we've got an one year cruising permit. Next month we'll visit the Tasmania.

We'll sail to the NZ next November for the summer and after?

Have a good time in Namibia.


Looks to me like the pics were taken from the top of the eastern headland. The headland seen in the pics is the western headland, so you can see how narrow this entrance is. Other than this time of year (mid summer mild weather) there is often a big breaking sea in this entrance. Emu rock (just to the left, out of the picture) sucks up a big breaking peak which I have unintentionally surfed when making an entrance from the east.........not to be recommended if your boat cannot survive a knockdown and immediately continue sailing.

Talking about Wharrams carrying a load......I don't think many could do better than Mark Adcock  with his bikes, microlights, big 6 cylinder motor driving a massive hydraulic motor and a row of 220Kg drums on the deck. This was a CaptCook Pahi passing through Knysna back in the 1980's

You bring your TWs ?

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