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Hello everybody,
This is my first post, I'm sure there will be many more from me.

In the Tiki 38 material list is 9mm plywood, which is not a standard size of Bruynzeel Hechthout. Should I place a special order for 9mm or take one of the standard sizes of 8mm or 10mm?

Thank you

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9mm or 3/8"

3/8" = 9.525mm

Go with 10mm

Thank you for your reply Budget Boater
From what I have heard Hechthout is of the best plywood materials around and offers probably better strength and stiffness than other materials which are used for Tiki 38s. So I think I would go with 8mm (but I would check with Hanneke before). On the Tiki 21 you could use 1 mm less if you were using Hechthout, this was mentioned in the plans.
Thank you Björn for your reply on my question.

And also Olivier, thank you for the link to Joubert Group in France. I am going to look into that as I am building in Belgium and transport cost of marine plywood from France to Belgium will probably be reasonable.

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