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I'm still getting to know my recently acquired Pahi 42. A few mysteries remain. One of those mysteries is the drain hole in the compartment at the stern. This is the area adjacent to and aft of the rudder well. There is an access hatch in the deck, as shown in the plans. That part is clear. What I don't understand is the drain hole at the waterline in the rudder slot. I don't see that hole in the plans, and I don't understand why we want to let water into the compartment. I open the inspection hatch and found a thick layer of mud on the bottom--obviously came in from the hole. I don't love carrying that mud around in the boat. I would be grateful for any insights into the purpose of the drain hole.

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See attached photo...

Was the compartment used to store propane bottles? Any leaking propane, heavier than air, would simply fall out of the hole.

I don't think so. The inspection hatch is too small even for little portable bottles, and propane was stored elsewhere on the boat. Is there any reason I shouldn't just close up the holes?

You should be able to close up the holes. But I imagine that they exist for a reason. Is there any way for water to get into that compartment - either by rain, wave, or seas? It's location makes be believe that water (or something else) was making its way into that compartment and they wanted it to drain out naturally without the use of a pump or sponge. It is something to investigate.

I would just fit a rubber plug from the inside and inspect it regularly to see what happens.

As others have said, it must have been made for a reason, but we don't have that hole on our Pahi 42. Main problem I have with that compartment is that it gets a bit humid as there is no air circulation. I've been thinking to put a small watertight hatch through to the cabin, but a bit reluctant as it would be a potential weakness. Personally I'd clean and dry out that compartment and seal the hole up.

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