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We are going to fit netting between our bows forward of the forward beam on our Tiki 30.  Currently the only netting I can source is fishing net.  I have come across UV resistant knotless netting in the bast (it looks kind of knitted together) and I was wondering if anyone else has come across this and knows where I can source it from.


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Have a look on sailrite.com, they have most types of netting and tramp material, http://search.sailrite.com/category/mesh-phifertex-netting-tramp-ma...

NET Systems, Inc.  They sell dyneema knotless netting, and other nylon/polyethelene netting.

I used this "knitted" net before. It is used for making fish-farm "ponds" so is called "pond net". 20mm mesh. x 2.3mm dia. cord. If you live in a f/farming area it is probably available locally. One UK supplier norfinenets.co.uk probably many others.

Thanks for the help.  I have found another supplier who sells cargo netting which matches what I had before (40mm mesh, 5mm cord): http://www.allplas.co.uk/acatalog/45mm_5mm_Knotless_Netting.html.  Doing a comparison.

We got netting that was made for sports events like what they use behind where the folks are doing shot put.  This is black, strong, has not aged a bit in 10 years, and it is cheap.  However it has knots.  We like it.   Don't remember where we got it but Hanneke got it too so she may know. 

I have used the same 5mm x 40mm net from allplas. Does everything I want in a net and have also fitted it to a Tiki 31 I worked on last yearl. I askedallplas if they could supply a % of stretch which seemed to flummox them! I dont like buying more than I need! For Cookie I ordered a size 150mm smaller then the size of the space to fill and it stretched out to fit. After 1 season the net now needs to be tightened a little again. I like the fact that you can choose from several colours and the knotless knit is so comfy to sit & lie on.

Hi Rory, I had just found Allplas and had also posed the question about stretch to which no reply is forthcoming

I used 5mm x 45mm knotless from allplas, like Rory.  It's very confortable and I got it in a smart red to match my colour scheme.  Very pleased with it, but it does stretch quite a bit and I'm going to have to reduce it in size to allow further re-tensioning next time.  I can't remember exactly how much I allowed for stretch, but I'd guess you need at least 100mm on each side.  I feed pvc electrical conduit through the netting then lace the tensioning lines around that so you don't get any chaff on the net itself, and that seemed to work.  Here's a couple of pics.

Lovely Robert. For knotless netting I used these guys www.haveford.com.au

I would go with Sunrise Yacht Products, as they are the best.


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