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Hi all,

We bought our Tiki 21 a week ago and are learning to sail her. The shrouds seem very loose and the mast is moving around a lot when the waves come from the sides. When we are sailing it's a little bit better, but when motoring I feel like I want to hold the mast. 

Any ideas?



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Hi Kristian,

Having a loose rig works well downwind, but it needs to be tight for going to windward. Most folks put some sort of a purchase (downhaul) on the clew of the jib, and this has the effect of tensioning the whole rig - take a look at Rory McDougal's pictures. I have gone overboard in this regard and have a 6:1 purchase on the forestay, and a 4:1 on the jib downhaul. It works well for me now that I have the kinks worked out.


Sorry - should read on the tack of the jib (not the clew).

Thanks for the advice. I will tighten them up today. 

English is not my native language and there are a few nautical terms that google couldn't help me with. Roger, what's a purchase, tack of the jib, clew, jib downhaul?


Kristian, perhaps I can help with this photo.

On the right is the forestay and its lashing; on the left is the jib downhaul, which is a 4 part purchase on my tiki 26. Out of sight at the top of the downhaul is the jib tack, or the lowest front corner of the jib. The jib clew is the lowest aft corner of the jib, where the jib sheets are attached. Between the tack and the clew is the sail's foot.

OK. Thanks a lot. Now I understand. 


Now I have tightened the two side shrouds and then I didn't have to tighten the forward one. 

Thanks for the help!


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