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Hi folks,
Please spread the word for us. We have been using peacefour@pocketmail.com as an email address through the Pocketmail service. We started with them years ago using a little hand held device with our mobile phone, then learned to use computer and stopped using the hand held device when it broke. They have just announced, without warning, that they stopped allowing web service and we no longer have the hand held device we used to use with our mobile phone so we are CUT OFF and no longer have access to our contact list! ALL of our friends email addresses are on that pocketmail web site so we are quite distressed.
Please write down our new email address and spread the word. Then all friends, write us and let us know what your email address is.
We are James Wharram Designs Associates, we sell plans, and now folks might want to be contacting us and unable to do so. YIKES!!!
The new email address for Ann and Neville Clement is svpeacefour@yahoo.com
Thanks, Ann and Nev

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Hi Ann and Neville, I hope you are somewhere warmer now. Too bad about your email list , that sucks. Here's my email , david@boatsmithfl.com Look forward to seeing you soon. David www.boatsmithfl.com
Hi Ann and Nev,
Sorry to hear about your email woes.
My email is bbois@verizon.net.

Talk soon.

Nothing to do with email, Ann and Nev, but since it's your topic I hope you don't mind me jumping in with a question for you? Ron Hall tells me that you had some modifications made to your sail for ease of use. I am about to order my T38 sails and would be interested to hear about your experiences.



Noted your new email address. Mine is ron.hall@jhuapl.edu. Hope your are seeing palm trees and pelicans. We had a warm sunny successful trip up the bay, and are sailing this weekend (just Gail and I), probably not with the pelicans. Sorry about the pocketmail folks.


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