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I am going to buy sanders from the Festool brand and I would like some advice on which type of sanders of their range are most suitable for my Tiki 38 project.


Can someone have a look and give me some advice?

Thank you very much,


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I can't tell you anything about Festool sanders. They are so much more expensive than the common US brands that I never considered them, but I have and use the following on my T38:

6" 90 degree drive RO sander 

5" RO sander

1/4 sheet finish sander (mostly for prepping surfaces and between coats for paint)

Bosch belt sander (I think it's 3x24"). The body is the same size as the belt and it's very useful for smaller spaces

I aslo regularly used small tubular sanding drums and small flap discs for getting filets and small spaces as well as circular grit-impreganted wheels, like a wire wheel in form, for uneven surfaces and little areas. The latter weren't so much for serious sanding as for putting a 'tooth' on a surface for re-coating or painting. I found them invaluable. 



The Festools must be impressive machines!

Good idea, Rotex and Mouse, get the vacuum system as well, but not the smallest (I still regret this mistake), get the one with the 25 l bags
Thank you very much guys, that's great advice and help.

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