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Can anyone tell me what is making these nicks in my otherwise beautiful mainsail? What ever is doing it, I haven't been able to catch in the act. The only thing I can think of is the the fittings on the jib clew are catching it when tacking?

See attached picture.

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Roger, what does your jib clew look like?

Hi Nick,

if the nicks are caused by the jib clew try using soft shakles (see attached pic).




and here


it could be rope chafe / burn from the sheets or halyards, uv degradation on the folds or a gerbil has nibbled on your folded sail.

Hi Guys,

Attached is a picture of me clew. It is two blocks and a halyard lock. The halyard lock or the blocks could be the culprit, but I can't see how it is happening. Its not sun damaged fabric because the sail is quite new and always covered. I like the idea of soft attachments, but I'm always changing my sails and it would be slow,


Forgot the pic


Roger,  I switched to this "new" style of soft shackles

instructions on how to make them: http://l-36.com/soft_shackle_9.php

These are very easy to open, and they are practically self-closing.  The older style work when new, but they get tougher to use the older they get.


That's just what I need - thanks!

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