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Hi there

Looking at the plans of a tiki38 I see that there is sometimes differences between the written measurements and the one i measure with ruler. For example on the plan its written 1420mm...but if i measure with ruler it gives 143.7 mm, the scale is 1:10 so, this gives 1437 mm.

Which measurement should one rely on, the one measured by ruler or the one written on the plan?

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Do not measure the plans and expect accuracy. Follow only the written numbers provided.

Unless if on the sheet plan it is given as a size design (mast foot was an exemple) rely only on measurements. Also, I suggest that you take a good care with the two indications:one is metric, the other imperial. You may use either, but don't take one for the other.

I dont get you!

I should rel

y should only rely on the provided measurements and not on what my ruler shows...correct?

Throw away your ruler

Note the measurments on the plans,and report it on what you need to cut.

If the plan asks for a 12 inches by 4 inches plywood piece, then mesure this size on your plywood.

Here's something based on working (40 years) to make actual things;

1) Never scale off plans for manufacture, they may be ok for estimates

2) Never trust architects or any one else to be 100% accurate or right

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