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Need to lift Tiki 38 hull to replace keel strip and paint. Is it safe to lift from cross bolt connecting beam to hull only? This wil suspend hul and allow painting and keel work with no interference.


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I can't say for sure if it would work or not Emil, but I think I remember reading in the T38 literature provided by Wharram that the beams and attachments were designed to be strong enough to suspend one hull from the other. If that's the case you should be fine. I would definitely check the lashings first and lift all 4 beams gradually. And of course use movable safety blocks under the keel to catch the hull if anything should go wrong...

you should be able to lift the boat by the beams

Thanx for reply.

The hulls are separated no beams attached. I used a sling front and rear to lift unto cradles. Now need to lift again to install keel strip and redo antifouling. Iff i use a sling this is in the way. The 20mm rod attaching the beam from the front 2 cabins can be inserted again (without beam ) and a sling attached. This would make perfect lifting point. Would the deck structure be strong enough to hang the hull from? The bolt wil be o k but I am unsure iff the bulkhead and deck wil be.

Hulls are stripped and nothing in cabins, I do not think they weigh much more than 1,2 tons presently.

I lifted the boat out of the water on a "cat machine" using the beams without any sign of problems.

Wil post some fotos to make it clear what I intend?

Thank again

I would not hoist them this way. I would use the lashing strakes.

I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it that way. I certainly wouldn't work under it!

The lashing strakes are supposed to be strong enough to cantilever the whole boat supported by only one hull. that is way considerably more load on the outboard lashing strakes than only half the weight of one hull. one should not work under a suspended hull without safety supports. ie: blocks or secondary lifting means.

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