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This would appear to be the only forum left that focuses on Wharrm catamarans. Scott Brown no longer has his forum up and the Wharrams have let their forum go. Thanks Shane

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Not such a bad thing, I'm restoring an old Landrover Series IIA, when I'm looking for some advice I have to trudge through at least 5 different Classic Landrover forums to try and find one answer.

You are welcome, David. It is sad in many ways, considering that James is getting long in the tooth, and at some point (if it has not already happened) there will no longer be any more new Wharram designs coming from his drawing board. Since the majority of the success of the design is due to home builders, this site was created so builders could share their experiences and find help and get solutions for building problems they may encounter. At this point, the site has grown beyond my expectations. 


At some point, I will add a real place for people to sell and trade Wharram boats and parts, and hopefully fill in the gaps left by Wharram, Brown, and the PCA.

 i love it here,it feels like home somehow,the smell of epoxy in the morning....

this one here is certainly the best forum for Wharrams. One of the reasons for success is that you can give an uncensored opinion about the boats and the designs!

Don't give up on the PCA quite yet.  I think they may come back on line but hopefully less for builders and more for boats actually cruising.  We will see.  Stuff is in the works though, as far as I know.  They have been around forever in one form or another.  Certainly this Wharram Builder's and Friends forum is excellent for building.  Thanks for it!

I would really appreciate if they could bring the old PCA magazines online. This seems to take forever. I would be glad to help if I knew who to contact. Who "is" the PCA currently?




There is an effort being made to put the old PCA magazines online and it is taking a long time so we agree on that.  Some of the folks involved are on this website and I will email them today and hope they can answer this directly.  I am just out of the loop due to nearly total computer  incompetence. 

Do we know who owns the copyrights to the magazine?  It would be great for the online versions to be legit!

I believe that has been thoroughly reviewed and it will be legit. 

This is a wonderful forum with everything we need: Discussions, pictures,  videos, individual pages and comunal pages. A big 'thank you' to budgetboater who built it and  keeps it all together.

Please donate some(small) money to help keeping up the good work.


I see that James has reworked his site some and the forum there is once again working.

Hi all,

regarding the PCA and the online publishing of the sea-people, I had offered my help in April, and got the following response: It is a bit lengthy, but I believe it gives reason for slight optimism:


Sent: Monday, April 18, 2011 1:42:37 AM
Subject: The PCA and its electronic future

Dear All

1.  Attached is the PCA AGM Report for you information.  In summary, for the
foreseeable future the PCA is not going to print a hard copy magazine,
collect any fees or hold any AGMs.  However, we are going to publish the old
magazines on line and try to continue providing a means, albeit electronic,
of communication with other Wharram owners and builders plus anyone else
interested in the Polynesian style catamarans.  We are hoping to continue
"publishing" The Sea People on the new website and welcome any articles and
photographs you would like to submit to katfish2@iprimus.com.au   We cannot
say when the issue number 76 will happen but it will happen :)

2.  We have finally managed to sort through the paperwork left over after
Ken's demise and many of you will be receiving envelopes in the mail- some
containing photographs you'd previously submitted and some with cheques
refunding your 2009 and 2010 standing order payments.  Please CANCEL your
standing orders for fees.  Although we have asked Lloyds Bank not to accept
any more payments in, we cannot instruct your bank not to send them - that's
up to you.  If you believe you are owed a refund and have not received it by
mid May (I'm writing and mailing the cheques as fast as I can), please
contact me via email with the details.

3.  If there's anyone out there who wants to take on the role of Secretary,
Treasurer or web site / publications manager, please contact me via email -
especially if you're willing to manage the hard copy magazine production

We'll let you know via this email address when the new website is up and
running.  Make sure you keep us informed of any change of address and email
details.  ......

Cheers and happy sailing.

John and Kat Wilkie"

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