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First of Three America's Cup races coming up. . .

A heads up for those who care to watch. . .Go to americascup.com and install their video player. The race starts at 12:45 am Pacific Standard Time. One big tri, and one big cat! Should be very interesting.

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Oh man, it's tragic! I get up in the wee hours of the morn to watch, and they "postpone" the race: two times! Bertarelli and Ellison are not doing the sailing world any favors.
They can't race iwthout enough wind/ they ca't race with too much wind? no juevos!!!!!
Well, BMW/Oracle won the first race! They were able to stay powered up the whole race, while Alinghi had a harder time of it. Once they got racing, it was great fun to watch these space ships in operation. Next race is Sunday.

The big tri was moving along at 25-28 knots at times, with the wind never exceeding 10 knots! They really hauled it downwind, much to the surprise of the commentators, who thought the cat would make up ground on the downwind leg.
I watched most of the race today, missed the start. Sure looked like BMWO whomped on Alinghi. Truly awesome machines, upwind and downwind at close to 3 times wind speed. SHAZAAM
Well, we almost had a strategic race this time, but the ability of USA 17 to easily, quickly trim that 240' wing sail enabled them to simply walk away from Alinghi 5. USA 17 was able to sail a straighter course due to this, while Alinghi 5 had to foot off and climb much more frequently. USA 17 was 12% faster once powered up! No catching the big tri! Entertaining, at the very least!

The USA 17 helmsman had a wireless computer in a backpack that fed a heads-up display in his sunglasses! :~) This was more like "Wave Wars: The Death Wing." "Use the Wing, Jimmy; the Wing is with you!"
If Ellison brings the cup to Ess Eff the boats will certainly have to be a bit more durable. I, for one, am ecstatic over the USA win and look forward to the next version of the AC. There are plenty of folks that did not think that this cup series was in keeping with tradition. I disagree. The cup has always been about the super wealthy utilizing the very latest technology appropriate to winning. The legal wrangling is nothing new. The America's Cup is the ultimate developmental one design class. You can't get much simpler rules than lwl and draft. Imagine what will be sailed in another 100 years. The 24 hour record stands at 908 nm. This was inconceivable just a short time ago. David www.boatsmithfl.com

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