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Light boat - what does that include with a Wharram? Designers vary somewhat......

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Please be kind this is my first post.

I am very surprised that there has been no answer to this post. It seems to me to be a simple question with a simple answer . I am surprised that Anneke / James did not answer such a straight question. Also nobody else answered. Did you all build without knowing the answer ?

 I myself am only thinking about coastal cruising maybe a Tiki 21 but I think it is essential information for anyone choosing a design.

Answer please anyone ?


if i would be the wharram team, i would not answer this question too... they must get tied of  questions like this...specialy if  they come up after changing the plans...

READ the study plan and the building plans.... stick to the plan...

tiki21... nice boat... sails overloaded very nice to... sam, a friend from NZ (owner of a tiki46 now), sailed once with 10 people on his tiki21on board in the bay of islands... and guess??? they all survived...

Simple question, which will allow one to realistically work out your loading capacity after doing your homework on materials and any extras. Yes materials vary in weight and as seen in the other thread, this can have a big impact on the results. So I don't think asking this is unreasonable, after all plans and boat are a large investment in time and money.

Important information indeed. This is not the official Wharram site and while I am sure they read it I have never seen them post here.

My own boat boat floats on the lower designed w/l empty or just daysailing. So it seems the weight given [ 1.5 T ] is build weight only. Even with a few guests onboard I can see she is getting deeper in the water. It is a long time ago but I think Wharram says max. of 1Ton load. So any fitting-out over very simple is cutting into my carrying .

I think she would be safe with this load but I never needed to do it. It is I think a reasonable capacity for a boat this size. For me half this is enough. Also I think this is the best way to use a Wharram.

Two quotes : Pro builder on this site recently - These boats are weight sensitive. And Steve Turner years ago [ Pro. Surveyor ] - strip off all excess weight. So this is not new.

As for the other thread thank you wakatatea your post shows a lot of what we did not know and explains a lot.

Rory is a legend his loading is interesting. At 1000 lb it looks like 125% of hull weight. But allow 300 lb for crew and his load is less than hull weight. Crew weight is different because is is not fixed ie. it can be used as movable ballast so that it helps the boat.

TikiRio is semi-standard Tiki 30, I just insert a full BH5 and do one cockpit with lockers under seats, and do one litlle bow bridge with chain box.

Project weigth is 1ton and one ton load. 

I imagine my boat is 100kgs more them original project. So 100kg less load.

Rogerio - wonderful to hear from you. I am a little embarassed at how often I have been on this site recently. It does not make me an expert it just says I have too much time on my hands.True.Please weigh my opinion along with others.

 Good news - a have a crew request for next w/end  -2 at night +single figures by day anything better than a gale we are going !!

I am sure you undertsand this weight thing is not black/white but many shades of grey. The main permanent weight onboard is - me + cooking gas bottle +25L water + outboard and 10L fuel + groceries + anchoring. About 250kg. Hard to say from w/line if this is included or not?  But now even one crew and I think he is not included ? These are light boats and I think they should be sailed this way. Be realistic and if you want to fit out / carry 1 ton all the time then find a boat to carry two. If you want to lift 1 ton you do not get only a chain of strength 1 ton but 5 ton maybe ? Nothing should be all the time at it's limit ? These are fine sailing craft - at hull weight + 50%  mine continues to be. I have never needed to carry more and probably you will not have to either. I think +100% is a figure for maximum occasional use not everyday?

We sail for pleasure we enjoy the reponse of our craft to the wind/sea. Weight steals this from us -steals the very reason why we build /sail. And at some combination of weight/weather it may steal everything.

Hope that last was not too heavy.

Ok I undestand. But I know this boats works well full loaded. A little slow then a light boat, but good upwind and this is one feature of wharram cats. 

Wharram give 2 WL with 8cm diference. So 8cm = 1ton. If your WL is upper then this...you are overload, take care.

I will use a light boat for day sailing, and full load in cruisers. I have 200l water, one batery 105A(+- 35kg), 8kg cooking gas bottle, 10+10 kg anchor and chain,  40kg motor, and 25 l gasoline...So 330 / 350 kg only standard equipaments

100% is a figure for maximum occasional use not everyday

I guess the difference lies in day boat or cruiser? In the 30' range, it can be either.... Under is day boat and over is cruiser. Both of you are in the ideal range then! Fun when light but able to cruise with bit of loading.
Best of both worlds and good to know for people considering a Wharram.
How many people do weigh their boats though? How many do weight calculations of ply, glass and a guess at epoxy?

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