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Im soon to be sanding and painting my Tangaroa for the first time and need to roll and brush it,due to other boats in close proximity in the yard I have it,but have no idea what paint I can use,or what not to use...is house paint gonna do the trick?

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Hi I'm in New Zealand I have just repainted my Tiki 21 Ruru using system 3 water reduced 2 pot. I liked the water clean up and no smell, the price was good as well. Used a foam roller and tipped off with a foam brush.

hey carl. is it sam's old tiki21.

Hi yes its Sams old boat. I bought it about a year ago. Hope he likes the new colour.

wakataitea said:

hey carl. is it sam's old tiki21.

FWIW I repainted Dragon (T38) a couple of weeks ago. I did her hulls, beams decks and pod. This was a 3 week marathon. I removed the mid decks and the motor pods to get access to the inner hulls. Her original paint was a two part polyurethane, primarily white which lasted 10 years but at the end was oxidising to the point that when I wiped my hand over the paint, a white powder came away on my hand. I had sprayed her originally. The stripes were an automotive 2 part paint. This held up better than the white.

So I repainted with an automotive 2 part paint which sprayed on very well. I have not redone the stripes, they will be buffed up and that will do the trick.

While cost is always a factor, if it lasts well the cost is well spent. The effort in repainting is huge. While I had help removing and replacing decks and motorboxes, the rest I did on my own. So I opted for what I was told was the best paint for the job. If I get 10 years out of it, the cost and effort will be well worthwhile!


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