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I would like to raise the mast today, not sure if I can get a crew together to help with this.I need to do this so that i can tweak the rigging and make any necessary adjustments. Has anyone done this solo? Also i will have to raise the mast from the  bows as there is a tree in the way, whose branches will block the normal arc of the mast from the stern. Any advice is welcome.

cheers paul.

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An arteest is among us! Good drawing, Galway...

hey paul. finally you are so fare... hahaha

galway is right. this is the way to do it... good rope and good blacks and you will be fine...

no boobs Galway , no raising , another drawing ?

Fully erect...

Laurent is right Galway, the drawing is incorrect, please make the appropriate adjustments! ;)

No worries mate. I was shown the way by members here and elsewhere. There are a lot of smart people here, I guess it's just asking the right questions sometimes.

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