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  Here she is, the first proa on the black sea (as far as I know)

launched and sailing, she will go down wind like a "puppy" up wind too.

very balanced and easy to sail...

   we are very happy!!!

all d best, Balkan Shipyards.


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thanks brother.


Bravo! Wish you the best.

Well done dude! We are very intrigued to build a Madness from CLC. 

  Yes,  31 foot is a good minimum size...

fast boat too....

personally I wish I built WHY NOT? (my small proa) before I started CRYSTAL CLEAR.

If I had, CC would be totally different....

  What I'm saying is proas are strange, so sailing a small one first helps you understand what you are getting into before it gets expensive....

  best of luck.


No worries I sailed small proas already.....  the CLC design is more or less a smaller copy of Russell Brown’s proa, Jzerro.   It is supposed to be a daysailor, shorter coastal trips or longer trips in relativ sheltered waters with a crew of 2. But we'll make a final decision next year (Wharram vs. CLC). 

Good one Rael, with that rig you should get going well in half a gale. Any plans to head out into the Med?

Congratulations! I saw that there is a passion for sailing in bulgaria on our trip but you are extraordinary. Hats off from the "Saus und Braus"-crew! 

Jeremy Walker said:

Good one Rael, with that rig you should get going well in half a gale. Any plans to head out into the Med?

Hey Jeremy, just saw your comment.... anyway, better late then never.....

Crystal Clear, is a very sweet proa, her two hulls work in perfect tandem and she's fun to sail. I'm just so sorry that she is very hard to shunt and almost impossible to balance, due to the schooner rig. on my small proa "Why Not?" all is good, one crab claw and a CLR you put anywhere you want, just go for or aft and the CLR comes along..... He is so easy to sail and he will go anywhere rudderless. Crystal Clear needs a rudder all the time to balance a rig that is just to complicated to be practical, sorry but true.

  The way I saw things, was that during a shunt one would have more time to shunt each sail at a time. I was wrong, things happen so fast that if you're not on the ball, she will keep sailing till you are back winded, Very bad! Not recommended in tight situations, as you find yourself drifting to the rocks......   

  In the last sailing clip, I speak about what I learned the hard way..... but then again, I believe there are no mistakes, just lessons.

  We will take her out for storage and take it from there..... no way to go cruising with this rig, that's just the way it is...... below is the clip, Conclusions.......

Your boat is amazing Jeremy, good luck bro.


Rael, yes the learning curve for shunters can take some time. Looks as though you have the enthusiasm to keep on going though. I am not at all into the idea of sailing "rudderless" unless on the wind, and where sheet control allows steering by hardening to head up or slacking it to bear away. Off the wind it is so easy with a steerer blade poking on the lee quarter, that I do not understand why not just do it that way. But of course it works best when the hull side compliments the  paddle contours in such a way that there is enough friction by virtue of maximum contact area to lock the blade in position. With flared hull sides, the paddle is only bearing on a small patch of the upper shaft at gunnel height - when the foil is held vertical......which makes for minimal contact patch, too far up from the water to help hold the paddle position.

One of my proas (perhaps it is the one you kindly admire in message above.......unlike some other people who call him a "strange" "funny" or "Indian" "boat") has the wooden steerer blade. But I am busy with a 30ft Pahi (as like the Tuamotus Island shunting Pahi, not a Wharram Pahi) that has kick-up steering foils with tillers.This canoe will carry a dipping lug, which I should be able to sail singlehanded, or else (failing success with single handed shunting) will have to just scrounge a Bermudan rig and use an extra headsail.

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