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cat.jpgHi all,

I assume this is a Tiki 30 made rigid with a bridge deck cabin. It looks interesting. (if you have family who is not excited about the openess of traditional wharrams).

Anybody have more info or thoughts and comments?

More Pictures and info here:


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Hi Kristian,

The details mention it was built under the direction of Steve Turner.  He is well known, has many years experience and a good reputation, if that helps.



Very interesting boat.

We used to own a Tiki 30 and my wife's major complaint with the boat was the galley. We had no deck pod so the galley was as per plans, aft in the port hull. She would have preferred a deck pod with the galley therein.

I would have preferred more shelter for the helm.

My immediate reaction to this boat is that it feels claustrophobic: the cockpit is tiny and there is little usable deck space. At least with the original tiki 30, one could put a slatted deck forward of the mast to have some usable space in addition to the enormous cock pit tray.

The lines on this boat look similar to the old Tiki 28 (Tigaki). I wonder how this boat sails.

If I wanted a monocoque design with a full bridge deck, I think the tiki 30 wouldn't be my starting point. Thanks for posting this; there is a lot to ponder there.

Thank you for your comments. I am not really in the market just yet. I will be in the next few years, so I'm just trying to learn as much as possible. 

I kind of like this setup , but I guess it's not ideal for crossing oceans. A "normal" Tiki30 deck-pod might be the best option.


IMHO if you're planning on voyaging with a Tiki 30, you must have a deck pod. In harbor (or for limited coastal cruising), you can set up a deck shelter in any number of ways to provide shade and rain/wind protection. But for making longer passages, it would be most useful to have a deck pod with watch bunk etc. I imagine longer passages *could* be undertaken without a pod (have been, in fact), but it would be nice for the helmsman to be able to duck out of the weather easily. 

This boat is not a Tiki 30; if I remember well, the hulls are from and old Tane and the rest was designed and built by Steve Turner. It was explained in an article in the PCA magazine or in the old Scott Brown's page. Here is and old picture

Yes Andres, this is a Tane hull in mocoque. Beutiful lines, I imagine one 33' with real headroom...is one tiki30+10% 

This is another Wharram modified by S. Turner, in this case a Tangaroa MK1 This boat made a circumnavegation a few years ago.

Bela configuração. This is the boat !!!

Thanks for all the comments and pictures! Very nice boats. But, so is the basic Tiki 30 with deck pod. It might just be the best option (for me).


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