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Aussie Sailor Rescued After Two Months At Sea

It is on the news that a sailor and his dog were rescued after being stranded for three months in the Pacific Ocean, surviving on only raw fish and rainwater.


From the video, it seems to me that he was in a Tiki 30. It is not clear to me what exactly happened. There is an article that say "a storm struck damaging their vessel and electronics", but it is not explained the type of the damage.

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Yes I agree it looks like a Tiki 30. The boat looked fine on the video, with the mast and a sail (rolled up).

I can't understand why he was picked up, it looks like he could have sailed on with sun/stars/compass even without a sextant. Maybe he was sick of eating fish, but what was he doing for 2 months, just floating about?

There was some biographical information about him being a raw food expert and as that is what he was living off I wondered whether it was some kind of stunt, but then I'm an old cynic.

I found another video


As you said, the boat looks fine. I don't see damage in the rudders and the mast is up. Perhaps there is another reason, but I think he lost the electronics in the storm, and he didn't know how to navigate without them.

There is an article in The Guardian this morning and a long interview on Sky but no technical info other than that he was in a storm and lost his sail (sic) , but the sails are clearly visible. He said a hurricane was approaching so he clearly wanted to get off. The tillerbar looked to be lashed and there was a trailing line. He said he had no navigation electronics or cooking. We don't know if he had any way of getting weather forecasting. Sky cuts off  the interview just as the questions seem to get more technical. 

He says the boat is a French-Polynesian design, and mentions People of the Sea several times but never Wharram. 

I don't think the problem was with the boat...

I've always adhered to the view that the most important piece of safety equipement when you go to sea is a good skipper...

A very interesting perspective on this, asking pertinent questions...  Not all as it appeared or was reported initially


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