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I looking into replacing an outboard for a Tiki 21. I've used a 4HP Yamaha 2-stroke and feel it a bit under powered against wind and tide. When it's working hard it's noisy and drinks up the fuel.

I wondering if a 6HP 4-stroke would be a better choice. Any advice or experience would be appreciated.

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I quite agree. Sailing is what it's all about, but with the best will and planning you can find yourself trying to get your boat, wife and two kids to the mooring in a river estuary, up wind in force 3 against 3 knots of tide, when it's getting dark and you need to be at work in the morning! 6HP suddenly has it's appeal.

How can you mount the engine further forward in a Tiki 21?

Ricardo Aráoz said:

I think we should remember that these are AUXILIARY power. These are SAILboats and should be sailed, outboards are only meant as a bit of extra help (as an alternative to warping/rowing?).

About the issue of ventilation, would it help to place the outboard forward, near the center of the boat?

Longtailmotors mounted behind the mast would be perfect.In asia they are standard in Europe hard to get.

By putting the OB well back, you put it deeper as the stern will sink, and you get better directional control.

I have modified my bracket to get lower, it helps but I still push air. Next step will be to build a bracket to hang on the back beam, with a rase and lower control.  might have to add a 4th. beam...

Please just do not get a short shaft (as I did)!

Even with a cut out transom and a lot of weight on board it is horribly inefficient. Not to mention the problems if you want to be somewhere in a given time against wind and waves. So believe me NO SHORT SHAFT.

I am also thinking about buying an outboard , I borrowed a 6 hp 4 stroke Susuki, did well, but I'm thinking about the torqeedo electric outboard, anyone experience with these ? See link:
Grtz. , Johan.

No experience with the electric out board, but do check this link


I coughed up for the extra long shaft Tohatsu. As Aled says, it works great in the standard Tiki mount. Unless you do a major surgery like Ian, the 20" is too short.

There are other considerations people should make when deciding which way to go. 

With Roger's nice new engine, the unit mounts high up with the throttle/tiller flat to the deck. The hole required is not much bigger than the engine.

With my solution, the engine is much lower into the hole. When tilting forward, the space in front of the engine needs to be much bigger (see image with my friend in yellow standing), although this has not turned out to be any problem and is quite handy for access to the larger box construction underneath.

The other consideration is where the prop ends up with the engine raised. On my set up, it is nicely out of the way, (see picture to the right) just under the rear beam. It never hits the water / chop when raised and under sail.

It might be a benefit to others if Roger explained how the Tohatsu set up works when raised.

Hi Ian,

No problems with the raised position - it is well clear of the water. It won't "click" onto the fully raised position on the standard mounting, but I have a loop of rope around the leg and just haul it up against the rear beam. The Tohatsu doesn't seem to be as well built as the Honda, but the long leg, big prop, and lower gearing outweigh that IMHO.

The Tohatsu SailPro 25" longshaft pushes my t26 nicely: here's and old shot of it in the raised position.

T26 has a bit different freeboard than the T21, of course.

PS you have to watch the extra length as the prop now extends below the hulls! This effects me alot as I often take the family out on the weekend and drop them on a beach. I have to now go in to the beach in the raised "shallow water" position and there is a lot less drive in reverse (for getting off the beach).

I haven't decided the model yet, I think it will be between 4 to 6 HP, but I have few questions.
Is the oval of the platform, as designed on plans, large enough for a modern 4 storkes engine?
The Tohatsu 6HP has a shft of 25 inches and is not heavier than it's little brother.
But with a shaft of 25 inches, is the propeller not deeper than the hulls?
Are you able to fully tilt your engine when on the way, or do you have to tie it?
Thanks for your answers


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