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Hello all.

I get a bit of mast whip (alu mast) when the rig is loaded up on certain points of sail - I think mainly upwind. With no sails up it is pretty easy to get the mast whipping by pushing and pulling it. It doesn't cause any problems, but can anyone tell me if this is typical for the Tiki 21?



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What size and type of aluminum mast do you have, Roger?  I'm just installing a 20' length of Sched 40 pipe 6061 Aluminum 2.5" nom OD with 0.2" thick walls.  Seems pretty stiff with 1/4" Amsteel standing rigging, but haven't sailed with it yet...

Hi Scott,

Mine is ~3" OD and 0.25" wall thickness. I think that 2.5 at 0.2 is getting a bit on the skinny side Scott.


My mast dimensions on my tiki 26 are 1/8"x5", and I get no whipping. It's hard to imagine anything with a wall thickness of 1/4" whipping! What are the Wharram specs for a tiki 21 mast? Scott, that does sound a bit undersized. . .


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