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You Might Be Building A Tiki 46 On Your Own if.........

  1. You never, ever, ever, look more than one page ahead in the construction booklet.

  2. Paint doesn't look so much like a beautiful finish, but more of a sunblock.

  3. You've been building so long that your original 10 foot job(how far away you have to stand for the finish to look good)  is still a 10 foot job, as your eyes have aged.

  4. Good enough is   WAY too good.

  5. You walk around mumbling, “ i should have built the 38!!”

  6. You've already had to do some maintenance due to the age of the boat.

  7. The boat is on it's 5th Name.

  8. You look at all the boats you've passed on that cost less than the build.

  9. You started and finished at least 3 meaningful relationships.

  10. You don't even try to talk your current girlfriend into the sailing life because odds are, it won't be with her.

  11. You have moved it at least twice WITHOUT launching.

  12. You regret building a temporary tent.

  13. You regret telling ANYONE about your boat build.(they are starting to feel sorry for me)

  14. You have passed at least 3 completion deadlines.

  15. You start to take better care of yourself so you can still sail at 70.

  16. You change the decor plans from posh to camp.

  17.   You've lost things you bought for the boat, somewhere.

  18.   Things you've bought are out of date....Cd players, Vhs TV, etc.

  19.   Your significant other is sick of hearing, “ I GOTTA GO WORK ON THE BOAT”

  20. You bought another boat to sail in the mean time, so you dont' forget how to sail.

  21. You drive an old car, rent your house,  have no savings, and are looking at income-while-sailing opportunities.

  22. Your relatives are nudging you on, hoping to still be alive for a sail.



  25. please continue, even if it's not a 46 you are building.

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26. Kim Whitmyre has been following your build since Scott Brown's Multihull Forum was active... ;-)

27.You have a pile of cheap tools lying in a pile with a slight smell of burning.

28.You have long ago given up on the''' build budget''

29.You will find a woman when the thing is built.

30.You remember the first cutting of panels and all the innocent exhubarence that went with it.

32. You look, out of curiosity, at Google Earth, and there it is, biggest thing on the block.

hahaha!   I've done that.

andy solywoda said:

32. You look, out of curiosity, at Google Earth, and there it is, biggest thing on the block.

33. You have so much epoxy/paint on your boat building clothes you dont bother washing them.

Good ones!  Remember Hans, there is no "we".  that makes a huge difference.

34.  You have actually taken over a year off during your build.

35.   You have contributed to changes/corrections to the original plans.

 37.You realize the amount of epoxy quoted in the build plans are shall we say ambitious.

that is so true!!

paul anderson said:

 37.You realize the amount of epoxy quoted in the build plans are shall we say ambitious.

38.  You take pictures of the plans because the dimension numbers are fading.

Hans, my girlfriend agrees with you about the internet thing. lol
isabelle & hans "wakataitea" T46 said:

come on guys... it is not so bad.... we did it in 2 years and 6 month ... mostly part time.... spend more time in the shed and not in the internet.... then you will finish in time...

 have fun...

 hans ( in the moment in the phillipines)

Just keep mixing the glue!   You'll get there.  Love, Ann and Nev

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