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anybody have any leads on well built boats for sale 30- 38 ft. Tiki 38 would be nice but tangaroa or tiki 30 would also be possible. Just sold my self buildt Tiki 26 now boatless. Cheers Pat

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There is a Tiki 38 for sale in Phuket . 2014 , Seascape built , diesel engine and hydraulic drives . Custom built for current owner . Owner lives in Thailand but is re locating to Portugal ,hence him wanting to sell the boat .

There is also a Tiki 30 for sale,currently in L'wi . Seascape built 2009 . Has JWD deck pod . Excellent condition and very well equipped . Owner currently has a larger boat built for him ( also by Seascape) , hence him wanting to sell the T30 .

If you want details of either or both of these boats I can put you in touch with the owner(s).

You can contact me via the Siam Sailing website .

  cheers & best regards 

                                     Maxim Jurgens

                                          Siam Sailing, Phuket  

Hi Maxim

i seen the Tiki advertised but it is out of my budget range. I am in contact with Nigel about the Tiki 30. Thanks for the information if you hear of any other boats please let me know doesn’t have to be a Wharram but something with simple systems would be great. Thanks again.Pat

I live on  a Pahi 63 with my family in Marshall Islands and have been sailing around Micronesia for 6 years  The boat does need some work, but is very well equipped.  Need to relocate in a few months so needing to sell.  Looking for $50 k.  If you want details, drop me a line/



Hi Peter

could you send me the details about your boat.How many crew do you need to sail her.

My email is patjah@gmail.com

I have an Ariki 48 for sale. Very good condition. Motivated to sell. Built in Florida by Boatsmith, Inc.. I need to move on. Contact me at bradleyhwarne@gmail.com for information.

Tiki 38 in NZ on trademe.co.nz around 55 k us

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