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Hi I'm JL, I'm new to the site.

It's an honor to have the chance write on this forum. :-)

I'm about to build a Wharram.

What type and configuration you suggest for maximum speed performance?

Tiki 30? Tiki 38? Tiki 46? And what sails and rig type?

I would like to build a superfast ocean/coastal cruiser. I don't care much about comfort.

Thank you in advance for the wise answers ;-)

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If you want super fast high performance in a boat then don't build a Wharram.  That is not Wharrams philosophy is about.

Perhaps a farrier selfbuild?

:D , yes, of course.

I just was wondering what kind of setup, combination of hull and sails can give best

speed performance(for how a Wharram can be :D ).

AH, oké, there are a 2? Types that have extra narrow hulls special for racing. The Raka it is called, a slim line ship.

Large fully battened main with tall rotating  mast...But it is expensive . Notice every performance cat in the world uses that rig.They don't use dutch gaff rigs or crab claw sails....only Wharrams do that because they sacrifice performance for low techness and simple ruggedness.

Gunboats don't use a rotating mast IIRC. They also don't use a cab claw. If you want to sail fast to windward you will need daggerboards. YMMV

  I love to sail fast

...Ok :D  But, what about Wharram range? Wich you think can be faster  between Tiki?  30, 38, or 46?

imo the tiki 30. sail area vs weight. also a schooner has more windage than a sloop. not sure but I think the waterline beam to lwl is higher our Tiki 30 hit 17 and change many times This video is on this site but I like to watch it 


A Tiki8m having fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q25iOsL-zt4

The same Tiki 8m flying a very old very ratty J24 chute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCzBgLdgpIk this was on the Bahama banks. The next day i crossed the Gulfstream from South Bimini to West Palm. The boat hit 13 then but I was a little busy to film.

Here is a small Pahi looking good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-29nSpdKHA&index=1&list=PL...

Tiki 21 standard set up, 8-10knts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZSUqe16_xA

But Roger goes faster

12 kn with my Tiki 30. But she can go faster, if I would have the ass to let the sails up.

The sail to weight ratio is better  on the smaller lighter boats such as the Tiki 30, but the waterline length limits their top speed. You will get 12 knots out of a Tiki 30 fairly regularly. I have a Tiki 38, and the rig is set up for "family cruising", which is fairly pedestrian 6 knots. They will however go to 16 knots on a reach in the right conditions. As a rule of thumb, a well set up Wharram will go about 1/2 the wind speed on a reach. I think it would be more fun to sail a smaller Wharram and easier to get them going, but the bigger ones will take you around the world. The design philosophy is really about living and being, not racing. The 51 ft Tehinis will go 20 knots, but that is alot of effort on a big boat to set up and would need a fair crew to sail that fast in control. If I was looking for thrills out of a Wharram, I would build a small one. You can put more effort into the rig and experiment at a smaller cost. You can single hand a big Wharram, but dont expect to push it hard if you are short handed.

IMHO (on a Tiki 21) standard rig performance is quite sporty as long as the true wind is 15 knots or more. Below 10 knots, or in very choppy seas, performance is very modest for a multi.

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