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Budget Boater is now offering a short-term educational program for anyone who wants to learn how to build a Wharram Catamaran. You will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience and find out what goes into building a Tiki 38. We have one in progress currently, and another to build after.


All experience levels are acceptable. Maybe you are considering building a Wharram Catamaran yourself, but don't know what is involved. Maybe you have built a boat before, and just want to experience the thrill (or agony, depending on your point of view) again. Maybe you have never touched a tool or mixed epoxy and just want to know what it feels like. Maybe you have a reluctant spouse who needs to get some first-hand experience to be convinced (beware, this could backfire on you.) Regardless of your motivation or level or experience, you are welcome to apply.
Singles, couples, and families are all welcome. Your attitude and enthusiasm are more important than your abilities. 
Some things you should know:
• This is a non-paying learning experience.
• Any clothing you wear while boat building will be destroyed in short order.
• During your learning experience, you may be exposed to any and all of the following: things that can cut you, put a hole in you, scratch you, remove a limb, or kill you, epoxy, wood, plywood, wood dust, cats, paints, solvents, power tools, heavy objects, sparks, dogs, fiberglass, music, spiders, Texas weather, kids, ladders, contortionism, glue, dirt, endless searches for that thing you just set down but has now strangely disappeared, clamps, latex, nitrile, rust, silica, polyethylene, polystyrene, balsa, and Texas hospitality.
• Our shop is located in the heart of Texas, way out in the country.
• You will be required to support yourselves during your time with us and provide your own food, drink, lodging, and adequate clothing. We will provide building supplies, tools and safety equipment.
• Having a motor vehicle will be a good thing.
• For short stays, the nearest hotels are 15-25 miles away.
• For short or longer stays, affordable State Parks (for RVs and/or camping), private RV parks, and short-term rental homes are very near our shop and abundant.
• Anyone with an adequate self-contained RV will be considered for a free-stay at our shop. Electricity, water, sewage, and internet can be provided.
• The nearest grocery stores are 8-10 miles away, and we will drive you if you do not have a car. If you are a fast-food junkie, you are going to be sorely disappointed, as the best source is 22 miles away. If you like regular finer dining, those establishments are 35 miles away. If you still prefer to eat out, there are many great, inexpensive mom & pop home diners of various cuisines in an around the area. If you enjoy the convenience of big city life, you will be far from it here.
• The nearest airports are Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW), Love Field (Dallas), and Austin. We are about equally distant between Dallas and Austin.
• If you have drug and/or alcohol abuse problems, or any other negative personality issues, please do not apply. If you are accepted, and we see a personality problem, you will be forced to leave and a trespass warning will be issued by the Sheriff's office.
• Accepted applicants will be required to sign a release form, as well as an acceptability and termination contract.
• Lengths of stay begin at one week minimum terms, and can be many months long if you desire and we agree with your attitude and ability to support yourself. You can request to come for one week, two weeks, a month, or more.
So long as this discussion remains open, the program is still available.

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Republican (not the political party) = Republic


Republic = The foundation upon which the Free United States was founded as well as Texas, even after becoming a State is still a Republic.


Republic = a form of government in which the people, or some significant portion of them, have supreme control over the government and where offices of state are elected or chosen by elected people.


You live in a state that is part of the Republic of the United States, and operates a Republican (not the political party) form of government. That scares you?? If so, you are in the wrong country.

Jacques said:

"Free Republican state of Texas". This .... just scares me.


• I am a professional builder.

• I will not pay health insurance for "voluntary" workers. They come because they want to learn how to do it, not because I am forcing them to work for free.

• I provide all equipment and tools.

• I teach my boat building knowledge, specific to that of building Wharrams, hence the reason for the opportunity.

• No certificate or letters will be issued. This is not a school, but an opportunity for someone wanting to build their own Wharram to see what goes into the process. If you had seen as many screwed up and butchered Wharrams as I, then you would know that the average "home builder" needs help understanding what to do and  how to do it. This website is the first line of help, and is why I created it. The second line of help is for those of us who know what goes into building one, to pass on our knowledge to those in need - that is what I am offering: hands on knowledge as to what goes into building one.


Eventually I will have a small cabin built that people will be able to stay in for free if they decide to come. Since that is not yet built, I cannot offer it as part of coming out to learn. The reality is that this is not an apprenticeship, nor an internship, but more of a WTF learning experience for people to see if their dream of building their own Wharram is just a pipe dream or a reality. However, since they are in the presence of my family and at my home, business, and shop, I will not just accept anyone. I want people who intend to make the most of the experience and learn what it take to build a Wharram (or other similar boat.)


So far as I have ever been exposed to, people generally pay to be trained to do something for themselves, not the other way around, and here I am offering it for free and getting the 3rd degree about it.

isabelle & hans "wakataitea" T46 said:

-what is you "tradesman" back round? are you a professional carpenter, boat builder etc. ?

-what is about health security. will you pay health insurance form you voluntary workers...?

-will you provide SAFETY GEAR/Closes...?

-will you train although the theoretic part for build ding a boat... material science etc. ... ?

-after leaving the apprenticeship, will you give a written reverence to your student about his learned skills and success?

....good idea to do things like this...

i personal don't like the idea when people don't get payed (in any form) for there work. but this is up to them.

it is a big responsibility for you to do do this programme ... good luck



Once more we've proven that no good deed goes unpunished!

Mate,i think you are doing a fine job,this site has been more than helpful for me,the'' generosity of spirit''you clearly have seems not to be share by all.

strength to your arm.

cheers paul

I think what you are offering is a great idea. I was fortunate enough to have some experienced builders show me some of the tricks of the trade before I started building 'Inkosinati'. This start really helped me and the continued support made sure we got into the water. Cheers Duncan

Well heck BB thats all the way down in the south; I pledged to never go back. 

You wouldn't consider coming up here to the north and apprenticing with me, would you? :) 

LOL I would if i could BB but my own apprentice needs the training before i go off on any adventures. 

Good luck and i think the beginning note is good And i will see if i can find you any takers from up here.


Hi Jacques, i joined this forum to learn about boats, WHARRAM'S in particular. not to get involved in a political discussion.  i wonder however if you may also be scared of the many 'TEXAN SOLDIERS' who now lie buried in French soil, who by being so buried enable you to speak French and not German.

   my invitation to you to bring your TIKI 38 to the USA and escape the outragous fees, of your country, is still open. we can drink some beer, i'll teach you to shoot, you can teach me to sail,  whatcha say, i'll even teach ya how to talk southern.  David

sounds like a great deal of learnin for a little work. i'd like to give it a try. i'm surprised to learn there is someone close building a WHARRAM, a TIKI 38 at that; my favorite WHARRAM. YA'LL (yes i said ya'll) shouldn't disrespect someone making such an offer. i can't blame BB for being cautious, there are all kinds of nutcases out there.

 are we not WHARRAMITES after all? bound by a love of  boats and anything nautical? should we not each and every one of us, support our fellow seapeople, and wantabe seapeople, and applaud all efforts to further the cause of such a worthy endeavor?  the answer goes without saying.  FAIR WINDS ALL! David. 






What a great offer.  I too am from Europe, but have visited Texas in the past and was made really welcome.

Unfortunately, time and travel make it impossible to take up the fantastic offer, otherwise I would be pitching a tent (poor mans RV!)

Best wishes with the build, solo or accompanied..


i'm game for a little boat work. I'm a surfboard builder by trade, restoring an old Piver. Was a framing carpenter, and obviously know how to laminate. I have a van that I camp in from time to time.

I have day dreams about building a simple cat - not a Wharram, but definitely inspired by. Be fun to see what goes on. I have a pretty good idea thanks to my current project, but never really dove in from scratch.

Shoot.... me a pm, and let's talk!

What City is close by? We are very interested in the building of Wharram Tiki 38 and have the ability to work for experience. I have been a volunteer for Grid Alternatives. We install solar for low income families. I have grown very much by this experience. This is a great opportunity for interested sailors. My Captain works on boats and has for his entire life. This could be a great opportunity. How many boats have been built?


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