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Some of you may have seen this already but it is pretty cool. A bit of a clone but has some nice features.There have been several built I believe. I would very much like to know some info about the performance characteristics of this vessel.Mr. Irens has certainly designed some very impressive boats in the past. 64' loa, 28' boa, 4' draft, 28,600 lbs, 1200 sqft sail area

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Interesting concept. How are the beams attached to the boat? If they are bonded in I would be really interested in how this was done.

Pity he "squared" the sterns. I have had breaking waves come from astern and the "V'd" sterns of my T38 acted like the bows and the waves passed under the boat still foaming away and carried on unimpeded with no water on the deck and no risk of taking off in a surf. I suspect he had to square the sterns to avoid his boat being confused with a Wharram. I suspect his squared sterns will not be as sea friendly as the Wharram.

Here is a link that shows how the boat , 'Rustic', was build.

It was designed for luxury charter with a twist of romance often lacking on the blingbling new multihull designs.
Hopefully for someone with the right funding, the boat is for sale. 750000 usd.

It is a beautiful boat, and I'll agree she has the look of a Wharram cat but she is not.
Actually, what defines a wharram cat apart from being designed by J. wharram?
That would make a interesting topics.
To me, we are talking about double ended, deep V shaped hull canoes joined by several crossbeams lashed or bold but not bonded. Rigging is low aspect ratio. One may argue to this.

Although JWD are successful, it is sad to so little custom design wharram inspired.
In this respect, Hans Klaar is a king.


Charlie said:
Very cool... Now where can I find 750 American thou?
i think if you had 750 k us to spend you could have one built and have change left over.

Mawibo said:

Charlie said:
Very cool... Now where can I find 750 American thou?

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