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On my tiki 30-  I am ready to saw tillers to final length .  Obviously they need to clear cabins but what other factors should i consider?   I have not yet installed the cheek on the rudders to set that angle - I have seen a few , quite different set ups  on the site...  any experience/preferences for final height of tiller bar??

Finally- what is a practical range of motion for the rudders themselves?



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Rudders become less effective once they swing out more than 30/35 degrees, then they start acting like brakes. So if you can swing them 35/40 degrees in both directions, you are good.

thanks so much!

Not sure for the Tiki 30 but the 26 building plans were very accurate for the length and height of tiller. Imho the range of motion for the tiller should be 180 degrees. If it was less because of tension in the rudder lashings it could put  strain on the lashings. Cheers Pat


thanks Patrick- I sure believe i have pored over my plans and cannot find either angle or height for tiller---length and curvature, yes- but, curiously,  not the others...   

The angle of the tiller is determined by the placement of the cheek books on the rudder ...that is for the tiki 26
They need tot be at max length, otherwise the connectionrod between the helms will be tot far aft to hold on to. Regards, Bart

yep- I mocked it all up couple days back and figured they need to be max length and i increased the angle to bring them up closer to cabin top height for that very reason.  

thanks Bart!

Hi Curt, on my boat, the trillers are about 5 cm above the beam, andere 15 tot 20 cm below top of cabine. I find tthis Nice for stteering, tour elbow rest on the beam . with your arm up with no support Gets heavy.
Good luck with the build!

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