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I started to loft yesterday, making templates for the 15mm sheet of the Tiki21.
I take careful mesurements, then tried to put everything on the 1200 x 2400 plywood sheet. Impossible. I cannot put everything. I finished with no space for one rudder.
Mesured again, and agin. Same results, can't find any mistake on my side.
So, question is: did some of you faced the same problem? I will if necessary find a piece of plywood for the remaining part, but I'd like to know if tou got the same trouble. Is there a mistake in the suggested layout?

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Thanks to you, I suddenly feel better. I was really wondering where I messed up, since there was no way to put everything on that board.
Anyway, I don't need the rudder yel :-).
By the way, are you happy with the wind vane as designed by Hanneke?
Thanks again!
Possibly the problem is that the plans require plywood that is 1220x2440 which is marginally larger than your 1200x2400.
It seems that certain countries use slightly different standards for the sheet size, which is something to consider or at least be aware of when buying plywood.

Robert, Yes, some are larger, but here I speak of missing décimètres (10cm), not centimètres. I needed quite a large area in the width to be able to put everything on a single sheet.

Anyway, «c'est la vie», so let's roll. 

Thats bad.
Mine are 1200x2400, checked and correct..
I am on the beams, rudder, etc. Not went on the rest of the stock yet. Hope I will not have no bad surprises...

I also had problems to get all the parts from that sheet although it was 1220 x 2500. So it is not your fault. The plans might be a little bit off on this issue.

In the end we placed nearly all the parts as shown in the plans. I think we fliped the two rudders but I am not totally sure. Some parts were a bit smaller than per plan but it made no difference. We also cut the small parts, shown in the lower right corner in the plans, from the left overs of the bigger parts. Maybe that helps too.

Just figure out any plan that works. Sleepp over it. And do it. 

Enoy the building! For me it was one of the best things i have done so far.


si je comprend bien, il manque quelque centimètres à la feuille de contre plaqué. Je n'ai pas construit le tiki 21, mais le problème peut exister dans tout les cas de figure. Et quelquefois, il faut simplement choisir l'endroit ou on sera plus court. 

Par exemple, d'ans une pointe ,les  deux autres côtés te donne par projection la vraie dimension. Couple avec bordé est une illustration. Si le bas du couple est tronqué, ce n'est pas un problème. Et une fois l'ensemble soudé à l'epoxy, aucune perte de solidité, juste un peu plus de résine, et encore, là aussi tu peux compenser avec une chute de cp. 

J'espère avoir pu t'aider, et bon courage pour ton travail, la récompense sera en proportion de ta peine. 

Amicalement JP. 

I don' t understand everything of jean-pauls words but I think I agree with him. You don't need to be extremly exact. Epoxy and glass will do the rest for you. 

My advice is this: cut the beam parts and rudders first. They are vital and should be to plans. The stem and sternpost tolerate a lot of inaccuracy because all the filets and glass do the structural job. And so you go from the important big parts to the smaller not so important parts.

I hope this helps.


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