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I'm trading up to a Tiki 30, so my Tiki 26 is for sale in Poole, Dorset, UK.  Price £5000

This boat sails beautifully and I've lived aboard for the last three summer seasons.  This photo is very recent and I have more available.

More details here: 


Short video of three Tikis sailing in July 2015, including mine (white hull, gaff-rig), at: 


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I'm interested in why you want to trade up to the 30. I have a 21, and feel that going up to a 26 wouldn't be worthwhile as it's a scaled up 21. i.e. no toilet, similar amount of sleeping etc., while the 30 would be different altogether.

I'd be interested in your experiences and comments.



Hi Ian, thanks for your comment. You're right about the similarities between the 21 and the 26; though as a (summer) live-aboard, my boat has been brilliant.  Being able to sit up in the 26 makes for better comfort in any kind of bad weather.  It also facilitates navigation and cooking, which is an everyday activity for me because I appreciate the independence and frugality of making my own meals aboard, however simply. I believe both of these features make the 26 a better option for me, though the 21 is also extremely seaworth; and equally beautiful.

I've located a nearly-finished new Tiki 30 at a great price near my hometown, and would like to sail in a group of 3 people. Otherwise, I'd never have considered changing. My Tiki 26 is the best boat I have ever sailed.  But I would buy a Tiki 21 in a heartbeat if my circumstances were different. 

I've sailed my 21 for 2 & 1/2 seasons and love it. I could spend weeks on her and would have no problems, but I like camping and am used to the inconvenience. Getting the family on board is different. The toilet (lack of) is an issue, so it seems. Some room out of the weather would be good too.

I've toyed with the idea of upscaling, but felt that going to a 26 would not get me to a 4 person (family) boat with some comforts, and therefore I might still struggle to get them onboard as often/long as I'd like. So a 30 might make sense.

However, finding one might prove difficult.


Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest.  This boat is now sold.

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