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Tangaroa MK IV is it prone to Hobbyhorsing? And the best compomise for sail option?

I am still looking at what will be my built. Someone suggested me to look at the Tangaroa imstead of stretching the Pahi 31 by 10%, seams like a good idea!!! It does have the interior room I need but not the look.

I would like to know if the Tangaroa is prone to Hobbyhorsing being a v shape hull Symetrical for and aft with a good rkcker to it. It seams that this is the best set upt for Hobbyhorsing.What are people experiemce regarding this?

Also the pros and cons of the ketch rig, Sloop and the tiki wingsail rig?

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All small Wharrams will hobbyhorse, including this one. I had a modified Tangaroa MKIV ketch. I also had a Tiki 30 wingsail sloop. We are finishing a Tiki 38 (for someone else), and are now building a modified Narai MKIV ketch for ourselves.

From my personal experience I prefer the classics with Marconi split rigs (actually, I prefer junk rig by a very wide margin, but I do not want masts in the hulls.)

Really Marconi split rig! Do you have pictures?

I am thinking about the Tangaroa MK IV with a single mast windsail for simplicity because I need to be able to single hand my catamaran when the family does not want to come. But at the same times some people say that two smaller mast is better for single handling!!! 

We have a Pahi 42, and even she will hobbyhorse in the right conditions, such as beating or motoring into a short, steep chop. The other side of the coin is that Wharram designs are intrinsically extremely sea-worthy, being double-ended, so the same features which lead to some hobbyhorsing, in other conditions create stability and safety. Waves approaching from the stern quarter just pass us by, whereas a U-shaped hull would, I presume, be lifted somewhat at the stern, and so tending to push the bows down into the waves ahead. Unless you are really more interested in designing and building than actual sailing, choose the existing design that suits you best, and build that! Not only will the building process be faster, easier, and cheaper, but you will also end up with a known-design boat which will have re-sale value. There are still countless personal decisions to make and small variations you can do to make her "yours"! No two Wharrams are alike, which is the beauty!

Regarding the rig, it will depend on which design you end up building. A ketch on a shorter boat will most-likely be underpowered, but look nice! We have a cutter rig on our pahi, with "conventional" fully-battened main and boom - it is a very flexible rig, the staysail provides a lot of power due to the slot effect. With two or three reefs in the main and with just the staysail, the boat is very controlable in strong wind. I like the look of the wing sails, but if using the luff pocket around the mast then a staysail is impossible to rig. Seems most people who have them think they are great! Again, I'd recommend to stick with the designed rig, and make small changes once you have experience with the boat.

Good luck!

It was just a ketch. Same as I am putting on the Narai...because it is very easy to single hand (in my opinion, easier than the wingsail sloop on the Tiki 30)

Valery Gaulin said:

Really Marconi split rig! Do you have pictures?

Just to change the subject a little , I was wondering what experience is out there regarding bow bulbs, vortex generators or any other hull appendanges. On a recent trip to Australia I saw a Pahi 63 called "Pelican" I think it was  with extra bouyancy  built into  the sterns and I have seen a t 26 with cavitation plates built into the stern posts (below water). I have also seen a t21 with small bulbs which appeared to sail very well. Would be interesting to hear peoples pre and post appendage experience. regards Brett

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