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hallo guys,

i haven't writen since a long time. as you all know for sure, we sold our  tiki 46 wakataitea in brasil october 2015. a 16 year long sailing life ended and a new life started.

wakataitea found a new owner (a young famely with 2 kids) that sails her still around. we are very happy to know this. so you will see her still crossing the oceans. after 16 years living on the oceans, i life now in Wiesbaden, near Frankfurt. fare away from the ocean. it took me only 3 weeks, to be back in the system. i found a job in an institution, that takes care of refugees kids under 18 years, that left Syria or Afghanistan with out there parents and to find shelter in Germany. 16 years being a foreigner my self and now is can pay back and helping them in my country. but traveling is not finished for me. since i am here, i traveled already over 25000km through Europa. mostly in the east. i started with a Mercedesbus, that i converted i a mobile home but i have plans to go fare east. as fare as Mongolia and China. i am working on this plan hard and getting ready step by step. i found the right car for this too. a land rover defender. this is the right car for somebody that sailed by heard a wharram...i converted it to a travel mobile too a do a lot of off road driving to train my skills .

in 2 weeks, i will drive to Slovenia again. cross country of course because life as no borders....
 i will check in here still from time to time and want to thank you all for the great time and exchange of information. keep building your dreams and live them...
all the best to you all

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Happy to see you, my friend!!! Aventure forever..

Ahoi hans! 

Falls es dir in den plan passt, empfehle ich in slowenien beim campingplatz "kamp vili" etwas nördlich von tolmin vorbei zu schauen. Sehr schöne landschaft und gute offroad-strecken. Und vili ist sowieso eine klasse für sich. Der platz ist auch in landroverkreisen sehr beliebt.

Viele grüße


vielen dank fuer den tip... Tolmin habe ich schon auf der liste... Kamp vili werde ich mir anschauen... danke, gruss hans

Rogerio Martin said:

Happy to see you, my friend!!! Aventure forever..

thanks a lot rogario

Good luck with your further adventures Hans.

Hey Bro

what sort of anchor you use for that waka ? Looks like you got a heavy duty warp there eh (-:

Hey sam,

Good to her from you...

What anchor??? I try to keep it rolling. Becaue this waka is made in england and not by german ingeneering with NZ parts. Haha. But so fare it is a great wakapuru (bluecanoe).

How is you live going. Please send me a update email. I need you adress too. I want to send you he sextant back.

Looking forward to her from you..

 cheers schelmi

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