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So on my Tangaroa MKIV at anchor I've noticed that I get a lot of rudder movement swinging back and forth. To the extent that it began to wear out my steering lines. My initial solution was to lash the wheel, but I quickly found that the small amount of play designed into the system simply caused the rudders to move with more force over a shorter distance and wear out my lines even quicker. Next I lashed the tiller cross bar to each stern cleat. This has stopped the movement at the tiller and spared my lines but now I'm getting a lot of flex in my rudders in a twisting motion from bottom to top as the top is held still but the bottom still tries to swing. Does this happen on anyone else's boat? Any solutions or ideas?


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First, you should not have any significant "play in the system." You should look at correcting this issue.

Second, even if your control lines/cables are moving, they should not be wearing out "quickly." Your system should not have any significant chafe in it, since this could be catastrophic at sea.

Third, if your rudders are actually flexing as you say, there is a problem. The rudders should not flex at all. I have no idea what the problem would be, but it is possible that you have ship worms in your rudders, since they are pretty bad in S. Florida. Not everyone sheaths their rudders in e-glass and the worms will get in there. Even if it is not worms, you should figure out what is causing them to flex and fix it, or build new rudders.

These are all good points.your rudders should not twist/flex,there should be no parts of the steering lines chaffing,and the system should have minimal play.
Thanks for the replies guys... I guess it's rudder building time... I wanted to go to the wharram lashing hinge anyway and it's time for new tillers... I have a bunch of Okoume ply in 12, 6, and 4mm thicknesses think that would work? Also Boatsmith... What is that alternative sheathing material you've been using that's supposed to take bends and corners better than glass?

Thanks again for the help :)

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