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Hi, I've just bought a neglected T26 with good hulls but poor beams.

I have no drawings to build new and am considering alternative beams.

I have three questions:

1. Is a wharram beam meant to be rigid or to have a degree of flex.

2. If rigid then there are several alternatives that spring to mind in particular, the Swedes make a very strong girder of laminated dense wood. These can be made to order.

3. If I replace all beams, is there an advantage/disadvantage in increasing the beam to match the Tiki21 length/beam ratio? that is 21/12, 26/12 increased to 26/15 

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I bought a Pahi 31 about three years ago and had to replace the beams. They are rigid I beam construction I went from 14.5 ft to 17.5 ft. I got plans from Wharram but made it an extra foot wider like a Tiki 31 and to match the lumber I had bought. The wave pattern under the boat changed and for wider you may need more clearance with the Tiki, the Pahi has plenty for clearance. In the end it was nice having the extra space and it seemed to sail better. If you go wider you will need a new cocpit.

Have fun with your project


Tiki 26 should be 15' 1" beam, not 12'. Sounds like yours was reduced already. There was a discussion on here recently about alternatives to the triangular standard beams. Search. Ack a ways and you'll find it. I have an article someone wrote about building a t26 and reducing the beam. May be the boat you have. Email 
E and I'll send it to you if I can find it

I'm sure Wharram will sell the beam plans for a small fee; that would be the best plan. Visit Scott Williams blog on building his tiki 26: Element 2  That will give you an excellent start. It is easy to find the sections of his build you are interested in -- look at the right most column for the index.

I have finished building my beams and there is no flex that i can fathom,although like Scott,i have chosen to glass them too.Tsunamisurfer mused about laminited beams ie glulams,they may be an alternative,but you would have to check with an engineer and also their ability to withstand rot.


the beams i am considering are "eye" form much like a girder, built solely from scandanavian slow grown dense timber. They are light yet very strong. I would box them in with 6mm ply to give a glassed rectangular section.

The glulams are too heavy.

The manufacturers can provide cantilever figures if supplied with length and load figures.

thanks for the reply. I expect in the end i'll have to rebuild to wharram designs, but it would be nice to buy "off the shelf!!

If you enclose the laminated beams, make sure you leave plenty of holes for ventilation.

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