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Hello all!

I am building a Melanesia. First time ever building a boat so learning a lot the fast way... I am looking at materials for the sail and considering buying polythene cloth... So now I find there is a big range of densities and strength that go from 60 gram per metre squared to 300 gram per metre squared.

Which one would you recommend?

Thank you!

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Thank you Ian!

From what I am seeing, Tyvek is a polythene cloth 125 g/metre squared.. so I guess I will go for that density

I just know that people have made sails from this stuff. It's very strong and low stretch and not too expensive.

Good luck


Polythene for your sails...? I would have thought this was a fairly temporary material to perhaps experiment with initially. I suppose with some of the really strong tapes like gorilla tape, you could learn quite a lot but don't think its the way to go long term. all the best Brett

You're right Brett! It's probably not the best option for the long term. But for ocasional use in a Melanesia I think I will start with that.... All the best, Christian!

Hi Christian,

Since it is a small sail, why not just order some dacron from Duckworks or Sailrite?


Hi Roger! 

I considered that option also but... From what I have seen, it is not easy to get some dacron (at least here in Spain). And since it is my first sail, I think I'll start with some Polythene, which is cheap...

Thanks ;-)

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