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This weekend I was on a camping trip with my tiki 21 and 4 friends.

5 Guys with camping gear, food, beer, firewood and so on.

400+ kg persons and at least 200kg equipment - so a little overloaded :)

when my son and I go sailing we usually have about 10 cm of bottom paint showing, but this trip we were below the waterline.

First day was a bit rough. A storm had crossed Denmark the day before, and there was still some wind and a lot off current, but the boat behaved just fine.

Second day was nice, and when we were about to leave the campsite, we met a guy with a drone. He took some footage of us when we sailed away, and have just uploaded a small video to youtube.

So nice to see the boat from above - a dream come true :)

tiki 21 kolding fjord

You can see the raised outboard sometimes dragging in the water - it usually dont :)



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What nice boats the Tikis are! Wonderful landscape but a little bit cold up there in the north ;-)

Best Regards from Austria


Despite of all, she sails so beautifully. Thanks for sharing the video. It's really nice to watch! :-)

I have wondered how much lighter Tiki 21 would sail if the deck between the hulls was replaced with a net trampoline.


A very nice T21, thanks for sharing the footage.

With respect to the question of Timo, Cooking Fat, the old T21 of Rory McDougall, has this type of deck


I think the netting is most useful when considering offshore passages as wave slap up hard on the underside of platforms. Not so much an advantage for inshore / lakes etc. and quite convenient with camping. The weight of my platform is not significant.

My observation is that you have a big engine on there. The Honda 8 is over 90KG. I'm running a Honda 5 which weighs 27KG. Full throttle my Tiki 21 will do 6knt fully loaded with the 5HP engine.

Nice video!
I have wondered, as each of the hulls weights 90 kg and the total weight of the boat is 360 kg, where does the second half of the weight come from (360 kg - 2 * 90 kg = 180 kg)? Approximately, how much do the rig, the beams, the platform and the rudders weight each?
One marine plywood sheet, 6mm, is 12 kg. you need around one and half for the platform. My wooden mast, 25 cm longer then the plans, before epoxy coating, paint, blocks and cleats was 18 kg. Rudder I don't know, but my guess would be around 7 kg each. Beams, no idea, except that they are too heavy!
Thanks for the numbers, Éric. If each of the beam weights around 40 kg, platform (18 kg) + plain mast (18 kg) + rudders (14 kg) + beams (130 kg) + hulls (180 kg) make up boat total weight (360 kg). If this is correct the beams are pretty heavy indeed.
Timo, no, I don't think the beams are 40 kg. As I said, I don't know the weight, but not that much.
They cannot be heavier than the mast.
Ian: Yes the engines is too big. I would prefer a 5hp. But this on came with t boat when I bought it. Its not 90 though. I would guess its around 50kg.

About weight: I think the hulls are more than 90kg. My tiki is build pretty much per plan, but I think wharrams numbers (both weight and building time) are a little low. I have built a hitia 17, and the hulls certainly turned out heavyer than in the plans.

The beams on tiki are not heavy. I would guess around 15 kg. The rudders; very light, 2-3 kg
The part that weighs the most, apart from hulls and motor, are the central platform, - perhaps 30-40kg, and then 5-10kg for each of the side platform pieces.

My mast is very light carbon fiber. It weighs less than sail and rigging.


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