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This weekend I was on a camping trip with my tiki 21 and 4 friends.

5 Guys with camping gear, food, beer, firewood and so on.

400+ kg persons and at least 200kg equipment - so a little overloaded :)

when my son and I go sailing we usually have about 10 cm of bottom paint showing, but this trip we were below the waterline.

First day was a bit rough. A storm had crossed Denmark the day before, and there was still some wind and a lot off current, but the boat behaved just fine.

Second day was nice, and when we were about to leave the campsite, we met a guy with a drone. He took some footage of us when we sailed away, and have just uploaded a small video to youtube.

So nice to see the boat from above - a dream come true :)

tiki 21 kolding fjord

You can see the raised outboard sometimes dragging in the water - it usually dont :)



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What nice boats the Tikis are! Wonderful landscape but a little bit cold up there in the north ;-)

Best Regards from Austria


Despite of all, she sails so beautifully. Thanks for sharing the video. It's really nice to watch! :-)

I have wondered how much lighter Tiki 21 would sail if the deck between the hulls was replaced with a net trampoline.


A very nice T21, thanks for sharing the footage.

With respect to the question of Timo, Cooking Fat, the old T21 of Rory McDougall, has this type of deck


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