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The Polynesian Catamaran Association has a new website including a complete collection of

all 75 of The Sea People magazines! (well, we are missing one)



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It looks like someone has not paid the renewal fee for the domain and / or hosting, and now someone else has grabbed the domain to sell on. Presumably the files are still sitting on a server somewhere...?

Cute Helles said:

Hi, does anyone know what happened to the PCA website?

I have a full set of these Mags I could send to anybody that is interested, I use a system called 'We Transfer"

the size of the file is 1.3GB

Hello Ian and Cherry. I have numbers 2 to 57, Is there some way I can download just number 1 and every other after 57? Thank you.

this does not work,, !!!!

frank send me an E-mail if you want I will send them to u  !!!!

Greetings All,

Sorry for not responding sooner, my laptop got a bug but all is well now.

Andy is correct, the domain expired. I have the web pages and all the issues. Perhaps they could be stored on this site? A simple subfolder could be made, give me temporary FTP access and I could upload everything. Since I have an index file the new domain could be as simple as http://wharrambuilders.ning.com/pca/

Sound good?

BTW, this is all of the Sea People magazines and the all of the earlier Sailorman magazines


Bill & Houston

Great news!

I like the idea to have the magazines stored at the forum website.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Kind regards


We jusr need #69 to complete

 Rogerio, do you still need Seapeople issue #69? If so I have all the Seapeople and Sailorman issues downloaded, including Seapeople #69. I can send it to you if you would like.

Rogerio Martin said:

We jusr need #69 to complete

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