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Anybody with some ideas trying to move my 28 foot Wharram three blocks to the boat ramp, thank you from Texas

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Maybe on a truck, on a pick-up or with a trailer?

Regards from Austria ;-)


Thank Buddy

I used a truck to move my Tiki 26 almost 100 kilometers. It was a small truck, and we had to make two trips, one hull at a time. Also, I needed a lot of friends to move the hulls (we are not very strong). But it was fun!

Looks good thanks

I transported mine 2000km. No issues.

You didn't say if your boat was assembled or not or if the three blocks were hilly or flat. I would get a permit to move it early in the morning (if in a built up area) and a) if it were one hull at a time I'd use a simple plywood cradle with wheelbarrow wheels and a few helpers and push it. If b) fully assembled it would need a more substantial cradle I suspect and more of a crude trailer design with vehicle support.

The builder if my tiki 26 moved one hull at a time 1km to a beach, on his own using the simple cradle method above.

I'm sure you will figure something out

Thanks for your help, I got her to fly for the 3 blocks to the bay!


Woohoo! That's way better than pushing. 

Glad it's worked out for you


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